Aptar joins hands with REBO for reusable water bottles

Tackling plastic waste by 2025

Aptar joins hand with REBO for reusable water bottles
REBO water smart bottle to minimize plastic waste

Aptar Food + Beverage, a global leader in dispensing solutions for more than 25 years, has announced its partnership with REBO to offer a reusable water bottle that uses technology to help people stay hydrated while helping to collect tossed away plastic bottles that end up in our environment.

Aptar has committed to increase the amount of recycled materials in their products and improve the recyclability, reusability, or composability of their products by 2025, as aligned with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s New Plastics Economy Commitment.

Aptar is forming strategic partnerships to help create a more circular economy where plastic can be recycled and reused. The company is also investing in business models that aim to forge new consumer habits, create new ways of handling and protecting products, and help minimize plastic waste.

Aptar & REBO partnership to increase market knowledge 

Aptar is committed to contribute to a more circular economy that will help our customers and partners achieve their sustainability targets while creating a positive impact on our people and the planet,” said Jerome Magniet, president of global market development at Aptar. “The partnership with REBO allows us to advance our market knowledge for emerging trends and leverage our manufacturing, regulatory, and innovation expertise.”

The REBO water bottle uses Bluetooth technology embedded in the cap to track the amount of water consumed. A personalized hydration app (iOS and Android) syncs with the REBO bottle’s smart cap to track health goals. The bottle lights up and sends consumers reminders to stay hydrated.

This water bottle makes consumers aware of their personal contribution in avoiding plastic bottles ending up in the environment. For every time the user refills the REBO bottle, a credit is produced to fund the collection of a tossed-away plastic bottle.

This is part of the unique business model that REBO created to enable the funding of ocean-bound plastic waste collections. These plastic collections are done in underdeveloped regions, potentially creating a positive social impact on their families and community.

“Progressing on the battle against plastic waste in our oceans is in our hands,” PierAndrea Quarta, founder and CEO of REBO said. “REBO puts technology in your hands to make an immediate impact on the environment while you drink.”


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