hubergroup launches sheetfed offset ink series for direct food contact

The ink series can be used to print inside of paper and cardboard food packaging

hubergroup launches sheetfed offset ink series for direct food contact
hubergroup’s new MGA Contact Photo Credit: hubergroup

Even more creative packaging and more space for information, hubergroup Print Solutions makes this possible with MGA Contact, its new sheetfed offset ink. Thanks to raw materials which have been carefully selected, the ink series is suitable for safe printing on the inside of paper and cardboard food packaging. With the right hubergroup dispersion varnish, MGA Contact is approved for direct contact with food, meaning that no functional barriers are required. The color gamut and lightfastness of this ink series, which is now available across the globe, are comparable with conventional offset inks.

“With MGA Contact, brand owners and packaging designers now have twice as much space to display their messages and information. This way, packaging for fruit, vegetables, or chocolates can feature a more attractive design,” explains Josef Sutter, product manager for sheetfed/UV Europe at hubergroup. This is possible as the ink specialist only uses ingredients that have been authorized for direct contact with food in accordance with EU guidelines and FDA criteria. Moreover, the ink series is produced in a separate production facility at hubergroup’s plant in Celle, Germany. 

Hubergroup sheetfed offset ink series is recyclable 

MGA Contact achieves the same process stability in printing as other MGA ink series, so printers do not need to adjust. The ink series only needs to be coated with a dispersion varnish, which is also suitable for direct contact with food. For this, hubergroup recommends products of its Acrylac DFC (Direct Food Contact) range. 

Manufacturers can give their creativity free rein when designing their packaging as MGA Contact has excellent lightfastness and, as an ECG (Extended Color Gamut) series, also covers a large color gamut. Thanks to its sustainable formulation, the ink series is also well recyclable.



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