Huhtamaki India awarded for excellence in packaging

The award recognized innovation for the ‘Limited Edition Variable Festive Tea Packs'

Limited edition variable festive tea packs. Photo Huhtamaki

Huhtamaki India, a leading provider of primary consumer packaging and decorative labelling solutions in India – and part of Huhtamaki, a key global provider of sustainable packaging solutions based in Finland – has been recognized for ‘Excellence in Packaging’ at the 6th edition of the Economic Times Polymers Awards 2022.

The Economic Times Polymers Awards 2022 received more than 400 entries across segments including packaging. The platform recognizes brands that have excelled in the right use of plastics across different segments including automotive, consumer durables, electricals and electronics, packaging, recycling, houseware and kitchenware, toys and playing equipment, and an open category.

The award recognized innovation for the ‘Limited Edition Variable Festive Tea Packs’ that was produced by Huhtamaki India. These packs were launched as festive-edition packs to commemorate Durga Puja celebrations in West Bengal, India. The design of the five packs celebrates the essence of the five special days of the festival.

The five variable designs were engraved on a single set of cylinders representing each day of the Durga Puja festival from Sashti to Vijaya Dashmi. All designs share the same theme. When the five individual designs are put together, they form one large canvas for branding in retail shelves with beautiful storytelling and visual appeal, paying homage to the traditional elements associated with the festivities.

All five variable pack designs were produced with matching halftones and each design contains variable graphics with intricate elements – representing significant events for each festive day starting with the arrival of goddess, to the beats of dhol and ending with sindhur khela.

While we strongly believe that packaging plays a crucial role in protecting the products, innovative packaging also supports in building brands and opening new opportunities in new markets. We continuously leverage our rich experience and strong technical capabilities to help brands provide personalisation, sustainability and accessibility in the packaging arena,” said Ashwini Kumar Singh, head of Innovation and Product Development, Huhtamaki India.

Recently, Huhtamaki India was also honored at the prestigious IFCA Star Awards 2021 with four packaging awards at the grand award ceremony that was held along with the IFCA Seminar “Packaging – a continuous enabler for creating value” and the ‘SIES SOP Star Awards 2021’, which now qualifies Huhtamaki India to contest in the prestigious WorldStar 2023 awards. Huhtamaki is committed to delivering sustainable packaging solutions and leverages its knowledge and expertize to produce innovative and sustainable solutions that are positioned to support consumers and the planet. Huhtamaki is committed to making its entire range of products recyclable, compostable or reusable by 2030.


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