Snacking on trusted brands has become a source of comfort & connection in India

Mondelēz International’s second annual state of snacking report


Mondelēz International, Inc. recently announced its second annual global consumer trends study, State of Snacking report, examining the evolution of snacking worldwide amidst the pandemic, including India. This year’s report reveals proprietary insights and data showing that comfort is the #1 driver of snacking this year, and snacking has also been an antidote for loneliness and an avenue for connection. The study shows that two-thirds of Indians are snacking more during the pandemic, and 77% say they look forward to snacking more than their meals.

The State of Snacking report, developed in partnership with consumer polling specialist, The Harris Poll, complements Mondelēz International’s vision of ‘Snacking Made Right’. This further strengthens the company’s consumer-centric strategy and builds on its promise to empower consumers by offering the right snack, for the right moment, made the right way. The survey conducted globally among thousands of consumers studies changing consumption patterns, including at-home snacking habits, shopping trends, increasing need for comfort and community connection due to isolation, and the rising importance of mindful consumption of snacks throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. The report aptly captures the surge of snacking among Indian consumers, highlighting its evolution and the role that it will play shortly.

Commenting on the report, Deepak Iyer, president – India, Mondelēz International, said, “The pandemic has accelerated the growth of snacking. Our second annual State of Snacking Report delves further into understanding the evolution of snacking among our consumers in India and highlights the changes brought about by the pandemic in the way Indians consume and purchase snacks. Our aim is to manifest these trends in the form of empowering consumers with more choice, building greater shopping opportunities and innovating to offer snacks for every occasion to keep our promise of consumer-centricity intact throughout our growth journey.”

Anil Viswanathan, senior director – Marketing (Chocolates), Insights and Analytics, Mondelez India, added, “The State of Snacking™ Report is yet another milestone in our journey of ‘Snacking Made Right’ as we trace the changing global snacking trends while the world is dealing with a mammoth crisis. Amongst many other findings, this survey proclaims India’s surge of snacking, shifts in daily snacking routines and increasing appetite for newer virtual shopping experiences.

It was really heartening to see the important role snacking played in these isolating times – especially how consumers looked up to their trusted snacking brands as a source of comfort, connection and reward. Our purpose is to ‘Empower People to Snack Right’, as we lead the future of snacking with iconic global and local trusted snacking brands. These insights bring this to life and give us the right direction.” While the 2020 State of Snacking global report is available for download from here, the key highlights from the India report:

The pandemic has accelerated the growth of snacking

9 in 10 Indian adults (88%) say they are snacking more (66% – a 20% jump from the global average) or the same (22%) during the pandemic than before it, with millennials being most likely to say they prefer snacks over meals (85%). A majority expect this trend to continue, saying they plan to continue eating small snacks throughout the day, as opposed to fewer large meals (82%), and that snacking will be part of their “new normal” even after the pandemic ends (81%). Ultimately, 8 in 10 believe “the current pandemic will have a long-term impact on how we consume snacks as a society” (81%).

Snacking as a source of comfort & community in isolating times

Comfort is the #1 driver of snacking this year, as a majority have been buying snacks that bring back good memories (81%) during the pandemic. 8 in 10 say snack time is one of the few moments of peace (80%) and reward and satisfaction (80%) in their day – a significantly higher percentage than the global average. Snacking has also been an antidote for loneliness and an avenue for connection, as nearly all have done something to connect with others via food in the last six months (95%), such as making a snack together (55%) or eating a snack to celebrate a special occasion (54%).

As at-home snacking rises, so do appetites for mindfulness and wellbeing

3 in 4 Indian adults have relied on snacks for nourishment during the pandemic (75%), attesting that snacks have been nourishing to their bodies, minds, and souls during these strange times (85%). A majority are also snacking more mindfully at home, saying that they are more in touch with the snacks their body needs these days (80%) and that they have more control over the portions they eat because they are snacking at home more often (80%).

Virtual snack shopping reaches a tipping point as now almost half buy online

Many say they have started to buy snacks online more often than they do in-store or offline (74%), with 8 in 10 planning to continue shopping for snacks online once the pandemic is over (81%). A similar percentage also say the pandemic has opened their eyes to so many more ways to get snacks than they knew existed before (80%), including half who have discovered snacks to try on social media (50%).


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