AIPIA CHINA Summit Special – Toppan’s ID technologies

Toppan showcase digital ID technologies

Toppan to show its Amart ID technologies at the AIPIA Summit in China today Image Toppan
Toppan to show its Amart ID technologies at the AIPIA Summit in China today Image Toppan
Toppan Printing leading AIPIA member offering  communication, security, packaging, décor materials, and electronics solutions, and Toppan (Shanghai) Management will be showcasing its latest solutions at AIPIA Asia Summit 2021 (June 23), the international congress for smart packaging, and Luxe Pack Shanghai 2021 (July 7–8), the premier trade show for luxury packaging.

As the digital shift of consumer behavior accelerates rapidly, companies are in search of ways to optimize services by making effective use of customer touchpoints diversified by the ubiquity of digital devices. Significant attention is being focused on intelligent packaging equipped with ID devices such as QR codes and NFC tags, which can be scanned using smartphones to facilitate interactive communication with customers.

Based on the theme of “Make It Connected” one of the solutions presented by Toppan at the two international events in Shanghai will be a cloud-based product ID authentication platform. Individual IDs assigned to products can be scanned by consumer smartphones as well as dedicated devices in factories and warehouses. This makes it possible for businesses to provide product information, authenticity verification, promotions, and other services to their customers while also using data collected for traceability, monitoring of grey market diversion, and other elements of supply chain management.

Toppan will also showcase its diverse range of devices that add digital IDs to products. Solutions employing NFC technologies include functional ID devices that enable tamper detection, prevention of reuse, temperature management, and use on metal materials. In addition. It will present newly developed ID devices based on the concept of fusing digital IDs with packaging.

Through demonstrations of customer touchpoint creation and supply chain management, visitors to the Toppan booth will be able to see for themselves the latest security solutions for intelligent packaging. A representative of Toppan will also give a talk at the AIPIA Asia Summit.

“We are looking forward to bringing cutting-edge solutions to two leading international showcases for value-added intelligent packaging,” said Takamitsu Nakabayashi, senior R&D manager in Toppan’s Security business. “Toppan offers end-to-end solutions that provide robust state-of-the-art security and bolster customer engagement and supply chain management to achieve greater value, efficiency, and peace of mind for both clients and the consumers they serve.”


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