Avery Dennison’s unveils digital solutions lab at Microsoft Technology Center

Business scenarios-based RFID solutions

The Microsoft Technology Center ( MTC) in Shanghai

Avery Dennison, a global materials science and digital identification solutions company, has announced that its digital solutions lab at the Microsoft Technology Center ( MTC) in Shanghai is now officially open to the public. 

The MTC showcases how Avery Dennison’s business scenarios-based RFID solutions can be applied in the apparel, food, beauty and healthcare segments. It also demonstrates how the atma.io connected product cloud can empower efficient, transparent and traceable supply chains, allowing companies to improve business agility, accelerate digital transformation, and achieve high-quality growth in a rapidly evolving market landscape.

Providing immersive user experiences, the MTC vividly demonstrates how Microsoft translates cutting-edge technologies into innovative applications and solutions across industries. With digital technology and scenario insights as the cornerstone, the center helps corporate customers optimize operations, drive transformation and realize innovation in the era of digital economy.

Dennis Khoo, vice president, North Asia, ID Solutions and AD Smartrac of Avery Dennison, says: “We are honored to work with Microsoft to jointly promote digital transformation driven by technological innovation. Microsoft Azure Cloud enables highly reliable technical support for Avery Dennison’s digital solutions. By leveraging the MTC, we look forward to fully showcasing how digital technology can empower the retail and logistics segments to unleash the potential of data, reshape business models, build digital resilience, and expand future opportunities.”

The MTC offers visitors hands-on experience of the end-to-end solution integrated with Avery Dennison’s atma.io connected product cloud, applications, and RFID tags, covering the complete supply chain from raw material suppliers and distribution centers, to retailers and consumers. Taking the apparel industry as an example, the lab presents a simulated journey in which apparel products travel from distribution centers to retail outlets, so that users can explore the various phases from shipping to receiving.

Here, every piece of clothing is tagged with a unique digital ID, which helps the brand strengthen collaborative management over the entire product life cycle. After the distribution center completes the picking and packing of goods according to the purchase order created by the retail outlet, the outbound operation can be performed via the case verification software. Avery Dennison’s RFID solution will empower data tracking, storage and management, effectively uplifting the shipping and receiving efficiency at both distribution centers and retail outlets, while ensuring the accuracy of shipping goods.

At the same time, employees in the brand’s supply chain management function can trace shipped goods within a carton or even item-level with the atma.io connected product cloud to achieve visualized management of the supply chain. When the shipped goods eventually reach consumers, they can scan the QR code on the clothing products to access behind-the-scenes details such as carbon footprints and raw material information. – not only strengthening consumer-brand engagement, but also elevating consumers’ brand loyalty.

Thanks to the globally consistent Microsoft technology architecture, the atma.io connected product cloud, which builds on Microsoft Azure Cloud, can provide Chinese customers with secure, compliant, and seamless intelligent cloud services, as well as reliable data support that enables optimized operations and intelligent decision-making. Currently, the atma.io connected product cloud manages more than 30 billion products worldwide, covering multiple sectors such as apparel, food, beauty, and healthcare.

Khoo adds, “The global retail sector faces many challenges, such as the increasingly complicated macroeconomic trends and changing business environments, the increasingly stringent compliance requirements, and the growing consumer expectations for sustainable development, environmental protection, and social responsibility. All of these have put forward higher requirements for retailers to enhance business resilience. Avery Dennison will leverage its digital solutions to help retailers better transform and upgrade, addressing their real-time and dynamic business development needs.”


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