Clear premium water acquires majority stake in Kelzai Volcanic Water

Kelzai offers volcanic water in PET and glass bottles


Ahmedabad-headquartered Energy Beverages, which owns the Clear Premium Water brand, has decided to acquire a majority stake in Kelzai Volcanic Water. The announcement signifies a milestone for Clear Premium Water as it aims to diversify its product portfolio.

Kelzai Volcanic Water, renowned for its distinctive natural mineral water sourced from volcanic springs, will now be exclusively distributed and marketed by Energy Beverage. Kelzai Secrets sells volcanic water and other beverages under the Kelzai brand. “Under the terms of this acquisition, Kelzai Volcanic Water will be exclusively distributed and marketed by Energy Beverages, leveraging its network and pan-India presence,” stated an official release. 

The surge in demand for natural mineral water, fueled by the rise in fine dining and niche culinary experiences, has paved the way for Kelzai to enhance the overall dining experience in upscale establishments. The brand is strategically positioned to cater to a broader luxury audience in various settings, including cafes, restaurants, institutions, multiplexes, and hotels.

Nayan Shah, founder & CEO of Clear Premium Water,  emphasized the dedication to meeting the growing demand for natural mineral water. The strategic plant location aims to reach a wider audience, capitalizing on Clear’s expertise, extensive network, and Kelzai’s established brand identity. The alliance is set to elevate Kelzai’s market presence, ensuring substantial growth and dominance in the luxury water segment.

Kelzai Volcanic Water, available in 200 ml, 500 ml, and 1-litre biodegradable PET bottles, as well as in 300 ml, 500 ml, and 750 ml glass bottles, is positioned to offer exceptional value and impeccable service to customers. The partnership aligns with the evolving preferences of consumers seeking high-quality natural mineral water in various convenient packaging options.

As the acquisition unfolds, Clear Premium Water anticipates a significant impact on its market share and aims to provide an enhanced and diverse range of natural mineral water offerings. The strategic alliance is not only set to captivate the market but also solidify Clear Premium Water’s commitment to delivering excellence in the bottled water industry.


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