WAI WAI noodles uses its packaging to promote the habit of hand hygiene

Wash hands and be healthy

The message of ‘Wash hands be healthy’ is printed both in English and Hindi on WAI WAI noodles package

WAI WAI, the instant noodle brand, in line with the ‘Hand Wash Program’ lead by WHO, has been dedicating space in its packets to propagate this agenda to its consumers. The brand is the flagship FMCG product of CG Food is present in close to 50 countries globally. India being the second largest market for the brand, WAI WAI understands its heightened responsibility as an essential good provider, in light of the COVOID 19 pandemic.

With advisories being passed by governments and health tips being widely reiterated by medical officials, it is crucial that people across the world practice habits of sanitization and hygiene to mitigate the pandemic. With the consumer segment for the noodle mostly being teenagers and millennial, the brand seeks to directly connect with its young consumers through messaging printed on their packets. To ensure inclusivity, the message of ‘Wash hands be healthy’ is printed both in English and Hindi alongside the catchy slogan of ‘Sabun paani haath, humesha saath saath’.

Speaking on the initiative, GP Sah, Global business head of CG Corp stated ‘We have already printed and distributed more than 50 crore packets in India and more than 200 crore packets in South Asia, which carry the hand hygiene message. Being the first food product brand to start such an initiative, we are aligned with our responsibility to our younger consumers during these trying times. With the increased relevance of advocating the cause of clean hands before consumption, we will be stepping up our efforts in this direction.”


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