WeighPack unveils new USDA sanitary weigh filling machine

Design helps achieve highest sanitation standards for meat and poultry industry

WeighPack Systems
WeighPack Systems' new USDA Sanitary PrimoLinear V-25 bulk weigh filling machine for frozen poultry

WeighPack Systems has designed and delivered its new USDA Sanitary PrimoLinear V-25 bulk weigh filling machine for frozen poultry.

The machine is engineered using solid tubular stainless steel as opposed to angled steel or a hollow frame. This sanitary design was engineered specifically for the meat and poultry industry to achieve the highest sanitation standards for its customers.

The PrimoLinear V-25 weigh filling system is designed to automatically weigh and dispense products up to 50 pounds (approximately 22.67 kilograms) into corrugated cases or bags at rates of up to 40,000 pounds (approximately 18143 kilograms) in an hour.

WeighPack Systems is a manufacturer of automated food packaging solutions including weighing, bagging, wrapping, container filling and conveying. The company was established in 1991 and has been delivering packaging systems to over 30 countries. WeighPack machines are currently operating in a variety of industries including food, beverage, hardware, electronics and pharmaceuticals. While WeighPack’s customers are primarily in the USA, Canada, Mexico and South America, installations can also be found in many European countries, the Middle East and now even in Asia, New Zealand and Australia.


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