Future of Food project to track food innovations for Benulux

Future of Food project supported by AIPIA

Future of Food
Modern organic farmhouse concept using robotics Photo -Robotic Industries Association
AIPIA has joined the new network as a partner along with the University of Wageningen, Agriculture and Horticulture Organization (LTO), Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality (LNV), Dutch Design Week (DDW, 17-25 October), WWF, the Nutrition Centre, Together Against Food Waste, Dutch Food and Commodities Authority (NVWA), Food Days Veghel (19 & 20 October), World Food Week (14-20 October), Voedzelzaak, Scientias.nl, Food Holland, Plantum, Association of Dutch Insect Growers.

The target audience is all stakeholders in the food sector, particularly B2B but, importantly, a broad range of disciplines such as agricultural (including cultivators, arable farming, horticulture, livestock farming), mechanics/robotics, food processing & packaging, scientists, food technology, sustainable foods/plant sciences, government, policymakers as well as consumers.

A spokesperson for the new project said, “With the world population estimated to reach almost 10 billion by 2050 every gram of food is important and reducing the huge amount of food we waste is vital. The Future of Food hopes to harness knowledge from across the sector to find ways to increase food production, but in an environmentally friendly way which does not harm the planet.”

“The network will share ideas and innovations with stakeholders to create a pathway to better communications, better understanding, and activities which could lead to improved ways to grow, process, pack and distribute food, in a sustainable way,” they added.

How do you see the future of food packaging? Already the project is reaching out to 400,000 industry professionals and hopes to increase that number. Get in touch directly with Rosemarie de Ferrante for opportunities to become involved: rosemarie.deferrante@mediaplanet.com, 0031 6 12795654.


This article is reproduced from the AIPIA newsletter with permission. 


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