New Leak-Master Pro 2 for leak testing of MAP packaging

Tightness professional also finds micro-leaks

Leak-Master Pro 2

Even the smallest leaks in protective gas packaging have serious consequences for the shelf life of the products. The new Leak-Master Pro 2 from WITT finds such micro-leaks – absolutely reliable, fast, and non-destructive. The current product generation of the German MAP specialist is specially designed for intuitive operation and economy. Food producers can thus ensure product quality, improve their packaging process, and increase customer satisfaction.

The leak test with the Leak-Master Pro 2 is carried out with CO2 as the tracer gas. For example, this is already contained in most inert gas packaging and is also much cheaper than helium. The test chamber made of acrylic glass is evacuated. The pressure difference between the test product and the chamber causes the gas to be extracted from the packaging in the event of a leak. Highly sensitive gas sensors detect this gas within a few seconds. The product is not damaged and can be put on sale. This procedure is proven and effective.

The PRO 2 is equipped with several innovations that significantly increase the performance of the user. For example, with optimized chamber size and compressed air instead of a vacuum pump to generate the vacuum. As a result, the device also finds micro-leaks down to 10 micrometers (depending on the product and the test conditions) with high precision and, above all, even faster.

The quality inspector, therefore, needs less time per test. In practice, 8 seconds of testing time is already sufficient for many types of packaging. The compact design also scores points with its low space requirement. Another advantage, the Venturi nozzle used for vacuum generation is extremely low-maintenance and durable, which significantly reduces operating costs. If no compressed air connection is available, an optional version with an electric vacuum pump is also available.

The further development of WITT is also consistently designed for the simplest operation. The easy opening lid with springs supports simple, energy-saving filling. Operation is via touch screen with a graphic interface. As an option, product selection and user login can also be carried out using a barcode reader, which further accelerates the processes.

Optical highlight of the new Pro generation – a surrounding LED illumination provides a visible signal. During measurement, the device lights up blue. After completion of the test, it either lights up red or green depending on the result. It couldn’t be more intuitive and simpler for the user.

The Leak-Master Pro 2 manages up to 1,200 products and names, passwords, and barcodes of 60 users. Measurement data documentation is carried out with the aid of special WITT software. All measurement results, including date, time, product details, and the inspector’s name, can thus be digitally archived and additionally analyzed, for example, using MS-Excel. The Leak-Master Pro can be integrated into your company network via the Ethernet interface.

“The optimized function and user-friendliness raise the Leak-Master Pro 2 to a new performance level. It saves time, enables the detection of even smaller leaks and is easier to operate. In addition, the device convinces with an attractive price, low maintenance costs and high durability. We are thus offering our customers a powerful overall package with an excellent price-performance ratio,” says Martin Bender, managing director at WITT, summarizing the advantages of the new product.


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