Eliminate potato scab with Bionetix International!

Get rid of potato scab through natural mechanisms


Bionetix International is offering contemporary bioremediation solutions that battle numerous issues while having the health of the environment in mind. This is possible through biological treatments using different microorganisms and nutrients to stimulate contaminant biodegradation to promote cleaner environments.

Developments in ecology and environmental engineering have offered Bionetix new methods of producing microorganisms. They are claimed to be more efficient and degrade more complex chemicals along with higher volumes of waste materials. Bioaugmentation, bioremediation, bio-stimulation, and biological cleaning products answer a growing market demand to rehabilitate areas contaminated by pollutants, enhance the health of agriculture and livestock, and offer natural cleaning solutions. Rhamnolipids are biological surfactants, that improve soil quality, help fight plant pathogens, improve absorption of fertilizers and nutrients through roots. According to the company, Bionetix’s Organic Plus is suitable to be incorporated into nutrient solutions for hydroponic plants and vegetables and as a seed soak or dip as well. It contains high concentrations of humic and fulvic acids, rhamnolipids, marine plants, and micronutrients. For crops, humic and fulvic acids are chelators. They combine minerals to make them into organic compounds that can be ingested by plants more efficiently. They also enable the soil to hold more water and can increase the water infiltration of the soil.

This results in the following benefits:
• Increases crop yield
• Enhances seed germination, root formation, and microbial activity
• Improves soil fertility
• Promotes plant nutrient uptake
• Deactivates toxic chemicals
• Suppresses disease
• Chelates and colloidalizes fertilizers (to promote better nutrient uptake)


The East Hokkaido region is known to have the highest volume of potato production in Japan. Unfortunately, a potato farmer in the area was experiencing a high rate of potato scab infection in his agricultural fields. Before the 2019 season, this infection rate had reached approximately 85% in two fields that measured about 65 hectares (160.6 acres) total. An approximately 35hectare (86 acre) section of these fields was set apart as test area no 1 to evaluate the efficacy of Organic Plus RH during the 2019 growing season. The product was diluted in water and sprayed on the soil during sowing time in the spring. After treatment with Organic Plus RH, potato scab was eliminated in test area no 1. This is a result of the synergistic action of the rhamnolipids and other naturally derived ingredients in Organic Plus that efficiently enable control of potato scab through natural mechanisms.


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