BVK Biryani launches 99-minute delivery in re-usable tin containers

Chennai based food startup - BVK's authentic Muslim wedding style biryani

Chennai based food startup BVK biryani launches 99-minute delivery in re-usable tin containers. Photo BVK

For foodies across the city, Bai VeetuKalyanam (BVK) is the answer to their biryani cravings. The two-year-old biryani-centric food startup is raising the bar on preparing and serving freshly made biryani not only by ensuring every ingredient is of the best quality. They were keeping the farm-to-fork time of the meats at just a few hours. 

When fast food is trending, frozen food helps fast-track the cooking business, Farheem S, founder and chief executive officer, BVK. BVK was launched in January 2020. The team has worked at an unhurried pace, laying a firm foundation in the biryani business by emphasizing standardizing the quality of their dishes. Takes pride in the fact that the meat they use is not taken from storage or bought by other vendors.

The time from slaughtering to cooking is less than 4 hours, which keeps the meat tender, fresh and healthy. Maintaining the freshness of the cut is by far one of the biggest challenges in the restaurant business, which BVK has successfully mastered. The ingredients are ground in-house every day as per requirement – nothing is pre-bought and stored. And now, this fresh meal will be delivered to customers within 99 minutes in eco-friendly reusable tin containers.  

It has taken two years of hard work to build a customer base that has further strengthened their passion for what they do. Until now, they worked only with pre-orders to ensure the same quality in preparation was executed every time food left their doors. Today they have established multiple hubs across Chennai – at strategic points to enable the quickest delivery even though the food is prepared in a centralized kitchen. With their own dedicated delivery fleet, they are all set to take on the challenge of the 99-minute delivery promise and are confident that soon they will be able to offer 60 minute and 30-minute delivery.  

The BVK Menu is completely designed on all things one would relate to a Muslim Wedding. A wedding is a one-off event, but with BVK, the same standard of food is available every day. They use premium ingredients, the same as used at a Muslim Wedding, to prepare dishes that will keep you coming back for more. Of course, the crowning star on the menu is the Mutton Biryani. Hanuma Nagendra (CBO – BVK) believes that positioning themselves as a premium brand fits in with their motto – it’s not about fulfilling your hunger; it’s about creating an experience. This reflects in their packaging as well-rounded metal ‘tiffin‘ boxes for an additional homey feel. They are not cutting corners from start to end.  

BVK is at its nascent stage and from the top-level management to the chefs and the delivery personnel, the goal is to forge the BVK brand in every biryani lover’s mind and keep them coming back for more. And now, with the launch of the 99-minute delivery feature, it’s sure to warm the hearts of many-a-foodie in town.


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