Ways to propel sustainable growth of wheat industry

Set of recommendations from Wheat Products Promotion Society

Experts from the wheat industry speaking at the conference.

The Wheat Products Promotion Society (WPPS), a 33-year-old non-profit organization, has unveiled a visionary set of recommendations aimed at transforming India’s wheat-based industries and ensuring their sustainable growth and development. The comprehensive proposals, presented at a recent conference, are aimed at revolutionizing the landscape of wheat production, processing, and utilization in the country.

The first recommendation is an integrated multi-sectoral focus. The experts advocated the establishment of an integrated multi-disciplinary organization at both the central and state government levels. This entity will be a driving force, comprehensively addressing end-to-end compliance, and securing foolproof food and nutrition security through wheat for India’s burgeoning population. With an innovative approach, this organization could set new standards in efficiency and collaboration across sectors.

Next is the establishment of the Wheat Board of India, a dedicated commodity body. More than just a think tank, this initiative will unite representatives from all levels of the supply chain, fostering a collaborative ecosystem that redefines policy advisory and accelerates healthy growth in wheat production, storage, processing, and utilization. By positioning India at the forefront of the global wheat industry, the Wheat Board will carve a unique path toward sustainable success.

Then come climate-resilient varieties and milling technologies. Recognizing the urgency of sustainable progress, the conference urged agricultural and food research organizations to prioritize the development of climate-resilient wheat varieties, boasting higher productivity traits. Embracing innovation, food research institutes were called upon to revolutionize milling technologies, harnessing their full potential to optimize the recovery of diverse milling streams for human utilization. The future of wheat is set to be resilient, resourceful, and environmentally conscious.

Biofortified Wheat Varieties: Nutrition is at the heart of progress, and experts highlighted the vital need to elevate nutrition standards within the population. With a focus on promoting the development and widespread adoption of biofortified wheat varieties, this recommendation marks a step toward nourishing millions and advancing public health.

Modernization of storage and handling: As part of a nationwide endeavor to curb post-harvest and storage losses, modernization of the storage and handling of wheat takes center stage. With innovation and technology poised to drive efficiency, this transformation promises to revolutionize the storage landscape and enhance food security.

Incentivizing sustainable processing technologies: In a forward-looking move, the experts called upon the government of India to actively drive the wheat processing industry’s transition from conventional to sustainable processing technologies at primary and secondary levels. This step is poised to align the industry with environmental and societal values.

Representation in food policy organizations: Ensuring key stakeholders have an influential voice, experts emphasized the importance of inviting representatives from WPPS and wheat processing industries to pivotal food policy-making organizations at both the national and state levels. This collaborative approach is set to shape policies that holistically impact wheat-based industries.

Ajay Goyal, chairman of the Wheat Products Promotion Society, stated, “The wheat industry in India plays a vital role in addressing the food needs of our growing population. These recommendations offer a transformative road map toward sustainable growth and development. By embracing innovative technologies and collaborative efforts, we can position India at the forefront of the global wheat industry and ensure food security for generations to come.”

The Society is a 33-year-old non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and advancing wheat-based industries in India. Through conferences, workshops, and pioneering initiatives, WPPS fosters collaboration, knowledge exchange, and unprecedented innovation within the industry.


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