Heritage Foods launches A2 milk

Milk with a shelf life of three months

a2 milk
Heritage A2 milk pouch

Heritage Foods launches A2 milk on the occasion of World Milk Day. A2 Milk is a wholesome health offering that is easy to digest and helps build immunity, thus making it an ideal choice for health-conscious consumers, the company states this in a press release.

Given its functional benefits, Heritage Foods’ A2 Milk is also believed to attract the likes of progressive and discerning consumers as they’re continually seeking nutritional options that ensure wholesome health for themselves and their families. According to Heritage Foods, its A2 milk is high-quality UHT milk with good heat stability, which has undergone UHT treatment to retain all goodness of pure milk. It is also a good source of vitamin D and Calcium with 90 days of shelf life.

A2 Milk
Brahmani Nara, executive director of Heritage Foods during the launch of A2 Milk

Heritage A2 Milk will be available at leading Modern retail stores, eCommerce platforms like Big Basket, select standalone stores, and select Heritage Parlors in 500ml pack priced at Rs 50.

On the occasion of launch Brahmani Nara, executive director said, “We are happy to launch A2 Milk on World Milk Day. I am sure our consumers can feel the difference of this new product. It’s easy to digest, and other micronutrients like calcium, Vitamin D are the biggest draw to shift to A2 Milk products.”

She further adds, “As it helps to build immunity, there is no better time than now, wherein the entire family needs to have healthy and nutritious products to build immunity.”


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