Telluris Biotech India gets 4 million dollar investment


The Innovation in Food and Agriculture Fund managed by Sathguru Catalyzer Advisors has committed investment up to the US $ 4 million (approximately Rs 2900 lakh) for minority holding in Hyderabad-based Telluris Biotech India. Telluris Biotech India is an early-stage life sciences company focused on bringing to market environment-sensitive biological control products for the dreaded plant root-knot and cyst nematode related disease complexes. The proprietary biological and bio-molecular products have the potential to provide significant savings to crop growers.

“Our foray to markets will provide environment-friendly biocontrol and biomolecular products to farmers in India and elsewhere who face severe challenges from the root-knot, cyst nematodes, and plant root pathogens. Our extensive research-based innovative solutions will result in the farmers’ efforts to protect their crops and enhance yield significantly,” Venu Polineni, founder of Telluris Biotech India said.  

“The investment in Telluris is a contribution towards sustainable agriculture with science-based solutions that can provide true health and environment benefit to growers,” said Krishna Kumar, chairman of Sathguru Catalysers.

Innovation in Food and Agriculture Fund is India focused investment fund sponsored by Sathguru Management Consultants. The fund invests in innovation-driven growth ventures with the potential to transform the farm produce and market-ready food products.


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