Kezzler & Farmforce partnership for end-to-end traceability

New partnership creates Farm-to-Fork traceability platform

Kezzler and Farmsource are partnering to create a track-and-trace platform for food products
Kezzler and Farmsource are partnering to create a track-and-trace platform for food products
Kezzlera leading AIPIA member providing traceability solutions, and Farmforce, a source of first mile data by large multinational corporations, have announced the creation of a new partnership for end-to-end Field-to-Fork traceability.

Kezzler’s individual unit-level product data, combined with Farmforce’s visibility into the first mile of agriculture sourcing, provides a comprehensive picture of a product’s journey, they say. Digitization is a prerequisite for the transparency required to improve the sustainability challenges and to build trust in the global food supply chain. The Field-to Fork partnership provides complete visibility from the inception of a product, throughout the extended supply chain all the way to the end consumer and recycling, they claim.

Collected and analyzed real-time data enables actionable insights, empowering clients to develop value driven strategies, assess performance, alleviate bottlenecks, mitigate disruptions and continuously improve and optimize supply chain processes, according to the companies.

The integrated end-to-end traceability solution is delivered through a secured MSaas platform and offers full visibility of the provenance of ingredients. Brands can document the actions taken to meet their Environmental, Social and Governance objectives and share this with aware consumers who are demanding to know more about the origin and environmental impact of the food they purchase.

Anne JorunAas, CEO Farmforce, highlights data as the driving force behind innovation, “We build trust and transparency by digitizing smallholder farming production globally. Data is collected on a mobile platform and visible at an aggregated level at the web platform, enabling data driven decisions. Currently there are active deployments in 30 countries and 600k farmers on the platform.”

Kezzler CEO Christine Akselsen sees value created for both brands and consumers with Field-to-Fork traceability,  “Trust, transparency and visibility are important in all industries, but perhaps none more so than the global food supply chain. There is an increased focus on food safety, especially following the recent pandemic and a greater awareness amongst consumers about a range of issues such as sustainability. The use of unique, secure and traceable identities (UIDs) delivers vastly improved visibility into product value chains.”

“Items can be tracked from creation to consumption and the link to the brand is never broken. If there is a problem at any point along the supply chain the company can identify the cause (ingredients, suppliers, storage etc.) and issue a targeted recall for the affected products only. By proactively reinforcing transparency brands are able to build trust, protecting both revenue and reputation,” added Akselsen.


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