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Healthy food processing techniques from Jaivik Foods

Healthy food processing techniques from Jaivik Foods

Increasing awareness about the ill effects of chemicals and toxins has led to a demand for foods free of such unhealthy stuff, as processing itself could sometimes leave behind a toxic residue.  Recognizing this rising...
Mondi opens a new paper recycling laboratory in Austria

Mondi opens a new paper recycling laboratory in Austria

Mondi, a multinational paper and packaging group, has opened its first recycling lab at its Frantschach mill in Austria to test the recyclability of paper-based and paper packaging utilizing non-paper elements such as coatings. Conducting...
How sustainable packaging can help save the environment

How sustainable packaging can help save the environment

Sustainability creates and supports conditions under which nature and humans can co-exist in productive unity and maintain a balance, allowing us all to fulfil the socioeconomic requirements of the present and future generations.  Sustainability is...
Taco Bell experiments with plant-based protein

Taco Bell experiments with plant-based protein

Fast-food brand Taco Bell is experimenting with a plant-based protein in its new offering, the crispy melt taco, for its customers in Birmingham. It is made fresh with white corn shell tortilla filled with...
New recyclable packaging for Vine tomato. Photo: Mark and Spencer

Marks and Spencer launches recyclable packaging for its vine tomato

Well-known retailer Marks and Spencer (M&S) has launched a new environment-friendly, recyclable packaging for its British collection of vine tomatoes to make its grocery products more sustainable. The new packaging has 95% reduced plastic than...
Whey waste is being used for cheese packaging to improve its shelf life. Photo: iStockphoto

Whey waste to be used for cheese packaging, livestock feed

A new research project has been initiated to convert whey, a cheese by-product, into a packaging material that can help extend the shelf life of cheese as well to improve the quality of animal...
Arla Foods

Arla Foods introduces a protein formula for chronic kidney disease patients

Dairy major Arla Foods has developed two health drinks that are expected to benefit renal patients who require a low-mineral diet. The drinks include a ready-to-drink (RTD) solution and a high-protein shot that will compensate...
FSSAI has announced legal action to be taken against adulteration of edible oil. Photo: iStockphoto

FSSAI campaigns to check edible oil adulteration

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) launched a nationwide campaign from 1 to 14 August to check the adulteration of edible oil.  The campaign aimed at monitoring hydrogenated oils containing fatty acids...
Highly transparent and flexible strand of the bioplastic. Photo credit: Lorenz Manker

EPFL develops PET-like plastic from waste biomass

EPFL scientists have developed the latest PET-like plastic from the plants’ non-edible parts. This plastic is heat-resistant and an excellent barrier to the gasses such as oxygen. All these make it a great choice...
Aquapak has partnered with Tipa to offer an array of search-led materials that come up with a PVDC-free and high-barrier compostable film to support packaging. Photo: Aquapak

Aquapak and Tipa to meet demand for circular packaging solutions

Aquapak’s Hydropol and TIPA’s biopolymers offer a broad range of applications where there are some workable alternatives. This is giving the industry unique and valid organic recycling solutions. The collaboration between Aquapak Polymers and Tipa...
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