Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Rana Rashid

Reduced quantities because of inflation

Inflation hits the weight of products, not prices

Inflation is on the rise, and companies have tactically made a move to cope with it. The prices of essential items like soaps, cookies, and chips that come in single-serve packaging will remain the...
Inflation is at a massive 7.79%

Retail inflation in India rises to 9 year high at 7.79%

An increase in food and oil prices has managed to majorly impact the Indian trade making the prices rise annually by 7.79% in April. This raised inflation has crossed the RBI’s acceptable level for...
Cropin AI helps agriculture

AI labs being set up by Cropin

AI technology has been used to set up these labs by Cropin, an agritech firm, to facilitate predictive intelligence to every cultivated land across the globe. The pioneer of agriculture technology, Cropin is building the...
Cashew wine

Cashew apple to bring out the taste of wine

Cashew apple is the residue left from rural farming in the cashew nut industry. To prevent this loss, professor Prasanna BD from the division of Chemical Engineering in the NIT Karnataka based in Mangalore...
Cumin production

India’s cumin exports dips due to pesticide residue

The steep decline in exports that began over the past few months is expected to stay due to the low volume of stocks. New technology to reduce pesticides in production is the only hope...
India depends on 45% of palm oil imports from Indonesia

Indian market is shocked by Indonesia’s widened export ban

The constant change in decisions by Indonesia has impacted the markets of edible oil in India along with its prices. Last Wednesday, again, the scope of the export ban on raw materials was widened...
Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana

The government promotes Fasal Bima insurance

On the coming Wednesday, more than one crore farmers are going to tune into the speech of Narendra Singh Tomar, the Union Agriculture Minister. The speech will be about the advantages of the Pradhan...
Oil meals exports

Sharp Decline in India’s Oil Meals Export

The industry saw a 37% decline in oil meals exports, with the current value standing at Rs 5,600 crore. The reason behind the sharp downfall is the reducing overseas shipment of oil meals. In a...
Cooperative dairy model shows

Cooperative dairy model shows a decentralized rural economy

According to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, small farmers get benefits from animal husbandry even in the most climatic adversities.  The cooperative dairy model is an instance of a successfully decentral-based rural economy that is proved...

Tea companies in India see opportunity in Sri Lankan crisis

As the economic crisis in Sri Lanka continues to brew, the biggest exporter of orthodox tea in the world is all set to rage over Sri Lanka. Meanwhile, Indian tea producers scramble to seize...