Arla Foods introduces a protein formula for chronic kidney disease patients

A ready-to-drink solution and a high-protein shot

Arla Foods
Arla Foods has developed two health drinks that are expected to benefit renal patients who require a low-mineral diet. Photo IFB

Dairy major Arla Foods has developed two health drinks that are expected to benefit renal patients who require a low-mineral diet.

The drinks include a ready-to-drink (RTD) solution and a high-protein shot that will compensate for the limited food options of chronic kidney disease (CKD) patients. 

The company said that the drinks attempt to fill in the gap for CKD patients who don’t have access to many commercially-available nutrient solutions. 

Everyday foods with protein have other nutrients CKD patients need to avoid. According to Arla, other options available in the market do not provide a low-mineral option and so the company decided to step in with their new product, which will soon be commercially available. 

The two protein solutions

Head of health and performance sales development at Arla Foods Mads Dyrvig told BeverageDaily that they developed two concepts — an RTD with 7% protein and a high-protein shot with 21% protein. He said the RTD composition comprises 7% protein, 10% fat, and 20% carbohydrates, and is optimized for people in stages 1 to 5 of their CKD. 

Dyrvig said the second solution with 21% protein has been specifically formulated for the dietary management of patients with — or at risk of — malnutrition, particularly those with increased energy needs, fluid restriction, and fat malabsorption. 

It’s ideal for patients with early-stage renal disease and those on dialysis who need high protein, minimal fluid, and low phosphorous levels.

The RTD is available in the strawberry flavor while the high-protein shot has a blood orange flavor. 

How the solutions were made

To achieve the low-mineral amount in the solution, they had to maintain a low phosphorous content, incorporating its Lacprodan BLG-700 protein ingredient. 

The nutrient is rich in amino acids such as leucine but low on minerals like phosphorous. Since CKD patients need to consume only a limited amount of fluids, these solutions can be added to low-volume drinks, creating high-protein supplements. Adding Lacprodan BLG-700 means it has lower phosphorous content than most commercially-available alternatives, Arla said.

The company hopes to make the product popular in the world’s biggest markets in the US, China, and Japan. Dyrvig said they recently received a positive opinion on their Novel Food Application in the EU. 

The European Food Safety Authority’s (EFSA) opinion was that BLG is safe and suitable for use in food products in the EU. It has submitted its findings to the European Commission, which is expected to grant final authorization to the company later in the year. 


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