APPL launches ‘Majuli Mist’ first flush, roasted tea

Bringing a taste of your beloved city in every cup

'Majuli Mist, First Flush, Roasted Tea'

Amalgamated Plantations (APPL) has announced the launch of ‘Majuli Mist, First Flush, Roasted Tea’, a premium offering under its Majuli Mist brand.

APPL was incorporated in the year 2007 with the demerger of the erstwhile North India Plantation Divisions of Tata Consumer Products (formerly the TATA TEA). It has 21 tea estates spread across Assam and four tea estates in West Bengal (Dooars area). APPL primarily sells its teas in the tea auctions supervised by the Tea Board of India. It has a diverse product portfolio of teas in every available price range, including CTC, Orthodox, Green, specialty White teas, and Organic teas.

Recently APPL has started its retail brands with products spread across ultra-premium, premium, and popular categories. The retail operation is spread across all Eastern and North Eastern states.

Kaleidoscoping with every sip

“Caringly crafted by our Master Blenders to delight consumers, especially those with a “Calcutta Connect”, its lingering aroma and rich mouthfeel attempts to capture the many moods of Kolkata, its locked timelessness or unbound vibrancy, kaleidoscoping with every sip,” the company said.

APPL said it is made from the first flush, the long leaves, young and tender, are sourced directly from its high grown estates. The unique blend curated to deliver a full-bodied flavor will require less tea usage, have a faster infusion, and leave minimal sedimentation, compared to its peers.

The taste is aimed to unite several generations of tea lovers across age groups, creating a sense of nostalgia among seniors and, on the other hand stimulating the spirited abandon so definitive of Kolkata youth, it said.

The launch of Majuli Mist, First Flush, Roasted Tea will be aproned by a campaign titled “Chumukei Paan, Shohorer Praan” (Taste Your City In Every Sip), in celebration of the everlasting bond this city has with its people. As it is often said, “you may leave Calcutta, but the city never leaves you”! The smoky, malty sip of this first flush roasted tea brings this city’s flavor to the consumer, with every sip.

“In keeping with the latent appeal of the offering, the premium packaging of the product carries a depiction of an evocative Kolkata street scene, sketched by the renowned painter Amit Bhar. The discerning aphorisms featured on the bottom of the carton are sure to delight consumers in many unanticipated ways,” claims APPL.

The two SKUS – 250 gm priced at Rs 250 and 100 gm priced at Rs 100 are being launched. The company states that the pricing is purposely kept competitive to ensure that it reaches a larger group of consumers, who can enjoy a premium cup of roasted tea at a reasonable price point. The product would be available across general and modern trade stores. Adapting to the new normal, the company plans to drive sales through eCommerce platforms like Amazon and Big Basket. In addition, for community support for every kilogram sold, Rs 5 would go towards promoting menstrual hygiene awareness amongst adolescent girls in our tea estates.

Commenting on the launch, Vikram Singh Gulia, the managing director and chief executive officer of APPL, said, “Majuli Mist, First Flush, Roasted Tea embraces the eternal bond of the city of Kolkata with tea. Produced from long leaves, a cup of finely roasted tea will become a signature style of for the residents of this city- worldwide. Given APPL’s expertise in sourcing and producing the finest teas, with the launch of first flush roasted, we feel there is an enormous opportunity for us to take a front lead in premium tea product-category.”


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