Harvest Gold launches special edition bread packs

Thanking secret stars of lockdown service

Harvest Gold
Harvest Gold introduces 3 special edition packs of 700g bread to honor its hardworking and dedicated team that enabled successful service to consumers despite a pandemic and a lockdown.

Harvest Gold has launched a special program to thank its team, who has been working with dedication and ensuring that the bread is produced under high safety and hygiene standards and delivered fresh every day at all neighborhood stores.

Titled #ThanksTeam, the program acknowledges the selfless and passionate efforts of the team of Harvest Gold. Under this program, three special edition packs of 700g bread will be produced, and they would feature 30 photographs and 250 names of team members. These represent associates from various departments like from manufacturing, purchase, R&D, sales, marketing, distribution, finance, human resources (HR), and information technology (IT).

“Harvest Gold has always maintained that its associates, every team member – from production to distribution – is always spirited and passionate for the brand and everything that it stands for. As its wonder warriors, its teams have always put their best foot forward in making Harvest Gold the most loved bread of Delhi NCR, whether they are working from home, from office or on the field. The last few months have been specially trying, putting everything and everyone to test.”

“During the lockdown, when stepping out was not permitted for people and risk was at its highest, Team Harvest Gold was determined to step up and step out to fulfil its duty of service to the nation – the ever-committed team passed every test with flying colors. Nothing would have been possible without the fantastic team and it is only natural to express how indebted we are to them,” says the company’s management.

Harvest Gold said that it supplies 6 lakh loaves of bread every day, serving an equal number of families daily. During the lockdown, the company served the people of Delhi NCR and other parts of North India with its products that include bread and buns, flatbread varieties such as roti, kulcha, and pizza base rusk. The company also continued to work with its CSR implementation partners and tied up with several NGOs to deliver care and sweetness to the less fortunate.

Vikas Gupta, executive director sales, Harvest Gold, said, “Working day and night with production of bakery products and their distribution to the consumers, team Harvest Gold reinvented safety and hygiene measures to ensure that there were no lapses and only the healthiest and safest product was delivered. Even extra efforts were taken to provide doorstep delivery to the elderly who could not step out. From working round-the-clock with precision, focus and perseverance, to getting out onto the field to deliver fresh bread to various shops and homes, the Harvest Gold Team has truly proved its mettle beyond doubt. Their commitment to quality, safety and hygiene has been universally appreciated and applauded – they are truly Sabki Bread ke secret superstars.”


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