McDonald’s India – North & East adds Piri Piri seasoning to fries & Chicken McNuggets

Piri Piri seasoning available as an add-on at Rs 20

Piri Piri
Piri Piri seasoning to spice up its Fries and Chicken McNuggets

Remember the first time you got to add Piri Piri seasoning into a fries or Chicken McNuggets bag and shake it? The first time you tried a spiced-up version of your favorite fries, and it left you craving more? Well! To shake things up a little, the country’s most loved restaurant brand McDonald’s India – North and East, has brought back Piri Piri seasoning with its french fries and Chicken McNuggets add-on price of just Rs 20, al-a-carte or EVM.

According to the company’s press release, customers can upgrade their Fries or Chicken McNuggets with Piri Piri seasoning that comes in a separate pack and a Shake Shake paper bag. Customers can pour the seasoning in the Shake Shake bag of fries or McNuggets; shake up the mix to enjoy the play of spices.

“We are excited to bring back one of the most popular and irresistible menu items for our customers and give them a sense of familiarity as well as excitement. By spicing up our menu with Piri Piri Fries and Chicken McNuggets, we hope to offer customers a sense of comfort as well as satisfy their cravings with a new variant of a much loved product,” says Robert Hunghanfoo, head, CPRL (Connaught Plaza Restaurants operates McDonald’s restaurants in North and East India).

The company also stated that with food safety and quality always at the core, all McDonald’s products go through comprehensive quality checks, from farm to table, to enjoy safe and delicious food every time they choose McDonald’s.

Furthermore, as a commitment to quality and safety in the current times, McDonald’s India – North and East has introduced the Global ‘Safety+’ program that includes nearly 50-plus process changes in the restaurant operations. Safety+ is a Global system of enhanced hygiene and safety practices that help ensure that every part of the McDonald’s experience is safe for its customers and employees. It builds on more than six decades of safety-first leadership in McDonald’s restaurants.


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