Society Tea introduces skimmed milk powder

Fat-free spray dried milk

Society tea
Society Skimmed Milk Powder

Mumbai-based Society Tea has announced the launch of Society skimmed milk powder. The company states that Society skimmed milk powder is infused with the freshness and goodness of milk. 99% fat-free spray dried milk is a better substitute for milk and is free of food additives. According to the company, before reaching the end consumer, the products run through numerous quality lab checks to ensure better hygiene and quality.

Processed after removing fat and cream from the milk, the skimmed milk powder has a low-calorie count but with other nutrition intact to make it a decent substitute for whole milk. Skimmed milk powder is rich in proteins and minerals, implying its health benefits, and can be incorporated into eating routine by adding it to make curd, smoothie, shakes, and sweets.

The product is available in different quantities, like, 100gms and 500gms, priced at Rs 38 and Rs 180.

Society Tea today is the tea category market leader in Mumbai and has become a dominant force. The company has a considerable presence in other states such as Goa, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Chennai, Punjab, Rajasthan, and Delhi. To ensure this consistent quality, three family members have dedicated their lives as full-time tea tasters.

The company has recently launched a new range of dairy products, one-minute tea, and instant tea (premix). The plant in Vadodara, Gujarat, is one of India’s most advanced and completely automated milk and soluble tea processing units, which manufactures these products under strict hygienic standards, to meet high levels quality and excellence.


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