Society Tea launches green tea detox kahwa premix

Restart a healthy lifestyle with Cleanse

Society Tea
Cleanse - Society Tea

Mumbai-based Society Tea introduces – Cleanse, made of ingredients known to accelerate metabolism and help build immunity. This tea contains ingredients like turmeric, which are known (as per Ayurveda) to be beneficial for skin related problems, common cold, and others. The company states that this product has been specially crafted for those always on-the-move; restart a healthy lifestyle with Society Cleanse – Green Tea Detox Kahwa Premix.

The detoxifying Society Cleanse tea consists of ingredients such as ginger, asafoetida, cardamom, black pepper, clove, cinnamon, green tea extract, turmeric powder, amongst others, which helps remove toxins from your body, working towards cleansing your system. Society Tea’s Cleanse – Green Tea Detox Kahwa Premix is an easy-to-make healthy beverage. Priced at Rs 100, the 50-gram monocarton can be ordered from the Society Tea website.

Plant in Vadodara for tea and dairy products

Society Tea has a considerable presence in states such as Goa, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Chennai, Punjab, Rajasthan, and Delhi. “Our quest for better quality goes on for our new range of dairy products, One Minute Tea and Instant Tea (Premix). To manufacture high quality tea and dairy products, we have set up a plant in Vadodara (Gujarat). This plant is one of India’s most advanced and completely automated milk and soluble tea processing units which manufactures these products under strict hygienic standards, to meet our high levels of quality and excellence. We see this new range as the products of the future,” says the company.


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