Yoga Bar launches an exotic range of all-natural nut butters

Healthier snacking alternatives

Yoga Bar
Yoga Bar nut butter

Yoga Bar, healthy foods brand, announced on 20 November 2020, the launch of its latest range of Nut Butters. A market leader in the energy bar segment, Yoga Bar, recently entered the Muesli category, and gained a considerable market share from the likes of Kelloggs. In the last six months, Yoga Bar has focused on creating healthier snacking alternatives in the nut butter category.

The company has launched a complete range of nut butters, (including a dark chocolate peanut butter) as healthy alternatives to the regular sugar-filled bread spreads you typically see on the supermarket shelves. These nut butters are made with non-GMO, premium nuts that are slow-roasted and low ground. The entire process is done in small batches which removes the need of adding edible oils or emulsifiers and stabilizers. In keeping with the brand’s ethos, all their products are clean – 100% natural, free from preservatives or artificial additives and flavoring, while being high on protein fiber and micronutrients.

Yoga Bar, based out of Bangalore, was founded in 2014 by sisters Anindita and Suhasini Sampath. The Yoga Bar journey started in the US when Suhasini was there in the middle of an exchange program at Wharton, while Anindita worked at E&Y. In the states, they had energy bars as a snack almost regularly – and when back in India, they recognized a market-gap as they’d never found any truly healthy or clean options here.

In the last 5 years, Yoga Bars has evolved into a market leader in the energy bars and muesli segment, which was launched in late 2019. Today, Yoga Bars is one of the most recognized health food brands in the country.

Yoga Bar products are available across over 8000 stores in most major cities including Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Hyderabad. “And we plan to be present in 50k stores in the next three years,” added Suhasini

The company’s latest range of nut butters includes – 100% Pure Peanut Butter, Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter, Dark Chocolate Almond Butter, Hazelnut Almond Butter, 100% Almond Butter and 100% Cashew Butter.

According to the founders, “Yoga Bar was started to bring a shift towards healthier products, better ingredients and honest labels. India’s consumption of protein is low – and for too long now, the market is inundated with products that claim to be healthy but are really not. We are here to change that.”

Yoga Bars is backed by VCs and institutional investors like SAIF partners and Fireside Ventures. And while they are profitable on unit economics since day one, the path to overall profitability, the founding team says, is visible within the next year. In the long run, Yoga Bar plans to position itself as the leader in the Breakfast category with Oats and Granola as the next focus sectors.


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