Vegan India Expo 2019

The first global vegan fair

Visitors at Vegan India Expo 2019 at the NSIC Exhibition Grounds in Delhi
Visitors at Vegan India Expo 2019 at the NSIC Exhibition Grounds in Delhi

Vegan population is rapidly increasing in India and across the world. One of the important factors that drive the development of the vegan market is increased awareness of the health advantages of plant-based products.

The Vegan India Expo 2019, the first global B2B vegan fair in the country, took place between 5 and 7 July at the NSIC Exhibition Grounds in Delhi. Vegan India Expo was by supported by National Small-Scale Industries Corporation (NSIC), World Vegan Federation and Federation India Animal Protection Organizations (FIAPO) and organized by EXHIMACT and VERIFAIR. The concurrent vegan industry conference was separately organized at a different venue by World Vegan Organization.

The exhibition aimed to bring brands, businesses and consumers under one roof in order to raise awareness and promote vegan lifestyle in India. It was the first international trade show on the plant-based industry in the country. Although a vegan diet is getting popularity in India and worldwide, the expo was unable to attract as many visitors.

Ankita Pandey, director, Exhimact said, “This is the first vegan show in the country. It will play a pivotal role in helping Indian businesses meet with their counterparts in the world vegan industry and promote their business and the products and services. It would also provide an unparalleled opportunity for face-to-face interactions with potential customers.” She also mentioned plans to organize another vegan exhibition next year.

The Vegan India Expo featured products from various categories like food, beverages, skin care, hair care, cosmetics, fashion, household, lifestyle, pharma, herbal and nutritional products.


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