New technologies for Inox Meccanica at Meat-Tech 2021

Meat-Tech to take place at Fiera Milano from 17 to 20 May 2021

Inox Meccanica
Inox Meccanica designs and produces machinery for food industry particularly for the automatic processing and packing of meat and cold cuts. Photo - Inox Meccanica

Since 1975 Inox Meccanica designs and manufactures food industry machines and systems. Meat-Tech‘s organizers asked Nicola Gafforini, the new export manager, about the new technological offer of the Mantua company, which is continually looking for technical evolutions of its products. “Our production processes regarding speedy raw ham and high-quality cooked ham in bars for slicing are now consolidated processes and have been further improved in this period. Among the technological innovations we have a series of accessories compatible with our PIC 99B automatic stuffing machine that has an automatic double casing tube change reducing drastically machine stops.”

She added, “Still on the same model, we have introduced an additional accessory, which allows to place automatically the cured meats produced directly on a trolley or frame and bring them to the seasoning room or to further production processes. We have also developed and improved our TM200 tying machine which operates on single knot and continuous tying products.”

“Our new TS 800 semi-automatic stuffing machine, with high productivity with net and synthetic casing, allows to significantly improve the operational effectiveness of our customers for stuffing products. Therefore, there are more news – our company looks constantly at development both for business culture and for our customers push, who are constantly searching for innovative equipment.”

Speaking of the expectations for the 2021 Meat-Tech edition, Gafforini said, “The main expectation is certainly to meet our customers at national level, exchange views, but also to launch new products and improvements made to consolidated products. We want to strengthen our presence and our brand on the market despite the difficult period.”

“Although digital tools are useful and it is right to adapt to the current needs of distancing, the “in presence” part has another impact and human contact plays a fundamental role at the business level. Meeting people, not hugging them but at least seeing them, and getting to talk again is a very important aspect of the fair to make lasting networks with existing and potential customers.”

Commenting on the market prospects for the coming months, Gafforini said, “We hope pandemic and the problems we are experiencing in everyday life will end as soon as possible, starting with the growth standards we experienced until the beginning of the crisis of 2020. We did not face a stop, but of course we have registered a slowdown despite our customers have never stopped. We all believe that this is a temporary situation, although is lasting long, and as soon as customers feel more secure, they will make again investments that are almost already planned, returning to constantly grow with us.”


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