Juustoportti launches oat-based drinks with SIG’s combismile

Combismile helps Juustoportti expand in Europe’s on-the-go market

Combismile helps Juustoportti expand its Friendly Viking’s brand in Europe’s on-the-go market. Photo - SIG

Finnish food producer Juustoportti has launched a new range of premium oat-based drinks in Europe’s on-the-go market with SIG’s combismile (currently excluding France, Germany, Great Britain, and Italy) carton packaging. The introduction of Friendly Viking’s oat drinks is part of the producer’s efforts to branch further into plant-based products.

Intending to extend the reach of its Friendly Viking’s brand in the market and promote itself as a packaging and manufacturing partner for other businesses in Europe – as well as reducing costs and downtime – the family-owned business required a complete filling solution.

“We chose SIG for many reasons, not least of which was to be different and to have the ability to offer consumers on-the-go products designed to meet a range of needs and desires. With SIG’s end-to-end filling line solution at our disposal, we’ve been able to create a line of premium oat-based beverages perfect for local markets and exports. This helps us fulfill our desire to launch a strong plant-based portfolio that can be delivered in modern and attractive packaging – and gives us the potential to produce similar products later down the line.” – Timo Keski-Kasari, managing director, Juustoportti

Breaking new ground with combismile

With an output of 24,000 packs an hour, SIG’s combismile filling machines are designed to produce drinking milk snacks and plant-based dairy alternatives, functional and still water drinks, ready-to-drink teas and coffees – among many other options. According to the press release, this gives producers the ability to package a wide range of products to meet growing consumer demands.

For Juustoportti, SIG’s solution has given them the ability to deliver beverages ranging in size from 200ml to 350ml, and with two drinking options – a single-action closure or a paper straw. In addition, with combismile’s built-in drinksplus, Juustoportti can now add more healthy ingredients and real food pieces to its products – such as fruits or oats.

A partnership built to last

Following on from the initial meeting in March 2019, installation of SIG’s filling line in Juustoportti’s Jalasjarvi production site took place towards Q1 this year, with Friendly Viking’s products launched in April. The project went ahead as scheduled despite the coronavirus pandemic, indicating SIG’s ability to meet any challenge head-on.

“To begin with, Juustoportti compared several solutions from various suppliers of aseptic carton packaging and technology. To produce something unique, they chose us. Thanks to our growing partnership, we were able to build a strong bond and support their efforts. Juustoportti’s people were very positive and bold in their decision making while still being pragmatic and realistic in getting the project up and running in the middle of these turbulent times.” – Peter Hedin, head of Sales Nordics & Managing Director, SIG

A solution with sustainability at its core

According to the press statement, for SIG, this partnership supports its ongoing commitment to help producers worldwide improve and increase their food and beverage offerings while also reducing their environmental impact.

SIG carton packs are 100% FSC-certified, meaning the paperboard in every combismile carton pack comes from responsibly-managed forests. SIG also offers responsibly-sourced ASI-certified aluminum as standard for all its carton packs in Europe.


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