SIG introduces innovative on-the-go packaging solution in Europe

Viable alternative to plastic packaging

on-the-go packaging
SIG Combismile range. Photo - SIG

With the commercial launch of combismile in Europe (currently excluding France, Germany, Great Britain, and Italy), SIG’s innovative on-the-go packaging solution will enable brands and producers to create more unique and healthy products differentiate themselves and stand out in a competitive on-the-go market. Using highly renewable and fully recyclable cartons which offer a welcome and viable alternative to plastic packaging.

Considering mobility, individualization, health style and sustainability trends, SIG set about creating a range of packaging solutions to meet every consumer demand from easy to handle to have a minimal environmental impact, all the way to their enticing design.

With combismile, SIG has achieved just that, with product launches in Asia, North America, the Middle East and Africa. Helping consumers display their personality and desire to be healthy and green while simultaneously fueling advances within the food and beverage industry. With a beverage carton that is so much more than the sum of its parts. A beverage carton that is ready to meet current and future demand for food and beverage experiences that are as comfortable as they are convenient. Without sacrificing style or taste.

Available in a range of sizes from 180ml to 350ml servings, combismile allows brands and producers to provide beverages for every consumer – whatever their desire, whatever their situation. So, whether the market calls for functional and still drinks, juices and nectars, ready-to-drink teas and coffees, milk drinks and value-added dairy products, water drinks or plant-based drinks, with combismile, it’s possible.

On-the-go lifestyles fits into busy lifestyles; combismile cartons are perfect for any activity. Be it an early morning solo walk or, for people adapting to working from home, a moment of relaxation.

Packaging that meets global demand

The commercial launch in Europe is being carried out in partnership with co-packer Juustoportti, the Finnish family-owned oat product and dairy producer and co-packer behind. This follows successful releases in other markets around the world: from SIG’s partnerships with Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co and Inner Mongolia Mengniu Dairy Group, China’s largest dairy producers, to a collaboration with South Africa’s Pioneer Foods, introducing combismile to the Middle East and Africa. SIG’s groundbreaking on-the-go cartons have also made waves in the North American market through a collaboration with Steuben Foods, America’s leading aseptic food & beverage manufacturer.

Karina Zawadzka, marketing account manager – Poland & Nordics at SIG said,”As the world begins to slowly re-open, consumers will look for beverages they can incorporate into their lives without thinking twice about them. Beverages that can be easily transported and consumed, and which meet their health and wellness and sustainability needs – demands which have become more important than ever. With combismile, food and beverage brands and producers can meet these expectations while satisfying their own goals for expansion. Allowing them to increase their offerings and stay on top of a challenging market.”

Groundbreaking design from top to bottom

With its slanted top, easy-grip corners and round cheeks, every inch of SIG’s state-of-the-art combismile carton has been designed with a consumer-centric approach. From an innovative single-action spout that can be resealed to a U-shaped paper straw – for easy access on the go. And SIG has done it all while creating a unique, stand-out style that will have people coming back for more.

But SIG hasn’t stopped there. Enabled for drinksplus, each combismile carton pack is designed to hold healthy beverages with real food pieces such as fruit, vegetables, nuts or grains. Allowing manufacturers to create new product categories, reach new customer segments, and ensure they meet consumer demands for healthy products satisfy a desire for interesting and new taste experiences.

Each combismile carton is also made using 100% FSC-certified paperboard, and, if requested, polymers linked to responsibly sourced plant-based materials. In addition, all cartons produced for the European market will come with ASI-certified aluminium. Supporting brands and manufacturers as they focus on sustainability and helping consumers go green.

“With our ambitions to provide industry-leading products to consumers while constantly staying one step ahead of the competition, there was no other choice but combismile. With its easy-to-handle and stylish design, we can bring out the fun side of our high-quality products while increasing the value we offer our loyal customers, old and new.” Niklas Keski-Kasari, director at Juustoportti said.

The future of packaging – today

To help brands and producers meet increasing industry demands, SIG has three value-adding solution segments – Product Innovation & Differentiation, Smart Factory and Connected Pack. With combismile, SIG is maintaining its promise to continually improve Product Innovation & Differentiation, delivering unique product and packaging solutions to meet ever-changing consumer needs.

“At SIG, we make our customers’ successes our business. We combine our solutions with in-depth, consumer-focused insights and marketing intelligence to help them be the best. Offering complete solutions so that, together, we can create greater product and packaging possibilities – and help brands and producers stay ahead of the pack,” Zawadzka said.


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