Cargill at Fi Connect 2020

The essential food and beverage trends persist

Photo - Cargill

These are unprecedented times. But the key trends around health, conscious choices, convenience, and indulgent experiences are not going away. For the food industry, it means that the focus on innovation will increase as consumer perceptions and demand patterns shift, said Cargill.

According to Cargill, its customers are counting on the company more than ever for its technical support and new product inspiration. This is why teams at our European R&D Centre in Vilvoorde, Belgium continue to work hard on inspiring its customers with new product development concepts while safely managing lab capacity and learning how to connect with customers and colleagues virtually. With more than 2,100 R&D experts, customers rely on Cargill’s expertise to increase their speed to market worldwide.

“At Fi Connect, we are highlighting how our teams can combine their expertise to meet key consumer trends. Our content features a joint presentation from our cocoa and chocolate and edible oils businesses on successfully bringing our CremoFlex and FlexFillings solutions together for bakery and confectionery manufacturers. It showcases how Cargill’s extensive knowledge offers a combined in-house capability to deliver the optimal ingredients for your specific filling applications,” said Cargill.

Cargill serves food and beverage manufacturers, foodservice companies, and retailers with food ingredients and food applications. The company offers starches, sweeteners, texturizers, cocoa, chocolate, edible oils solutions, technical support, and new product inspiration. With more than 2,100 R&D experts, it claims to increase its customers’ speed to market worldwide.


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