Noidawery aims to make Noida a brewery hub

Part of Sanjeev Kapoor’s Yellow Chilli restaurant, Noidawery delivers beer at home

Anil Panwar, managing director of the Yellow Chilli restaurant. Photo IFB

Noidawery, Noida’s first craft brewery located in Sector 63, is part of Masterchef Sanjeev Kapoor’s restaurant chain Yellow Chilli. Said to be the first to start delivering beer to house parties and corporate events, the unit, launched in March 2021, got a license for a microbrewery two years after its initial application as the process was delayed due to the pandemic, Anil Panwar, managing director of the restaurant, told IndiFoodBev.

Brewery culture is dynamic and diverse, with different breweries having their unique characteristics and values that celebrate creativity, craftsmanship, and the enjoyment of beer, while also recognizing the importance of responsible brewing practices and customer engagement. India has seen growth in the microbrewing business, especially in tiny areas of Bengaluru, Pune, Delhi, and neighboring cities such as Gurugram. Ghaziabad too got its first microbrewery, Hit A Pint, in the city’s upscale Raj Nagar.

Panwar said Noidawery has installed a brewing solution from Greater Noida-based Tb Brewing Solutions, which utilizes German brewing technology. “It is a known fact that Gurugram is the brewery hub of Northern India. However, we are pursuing a paradigm shift. We want Noida to be recognized as a brewing hub and Noidawery is paving the path for that change.”

Noidawery serves and delivers craft beer in flavors such as German Lager — strong & light, Belgian wheat, and Mango. It plans to launch rose-flavored beer and expects it to make a good impact in February — with the Valentine’s theme. Although the delivery system is limited to two-liter glass containers, Panwar hopes to expand its services to be able to deliver larger volumes in kegs and barrels.

The delivery bottles are two-liter glass containers, Panwar hopes to expand services to be able to deliver larger volumes in kegs and barrels. Photo IFB

In our endeavor to be trendsetters for breweries in Noida, the delivery system will be a game changer,” Panwar said. “The shelf life of craft beer is only 20 days so we make sales fast and in high volumes. Although not many are aware of our deliveries, we are trying to raise awareness through digital and printed marketing. The popularity of craft beer has, we realized, been phenomenal. Not many would like to go all the way to Gurugram from Noida just to have a beer. We have been able to fill the supply gap.”

Craft beer has a much better taste in comparison to commercial beer as it is fresh and without any additive preservatives. Glycerine is added in commercial alcohol to heighten its shelf life whereas craft beer only has a shelf life of 20 days. The glycerine is responsible for the bloating effect in beer, where water is retained in the belly of a consumer. “Craft beer helps in digestion and improves blood circulation. This aspect makes it a preferred drink among gym lovers”, Panwar says.

Brewing is the amalgamation of basic chemistry and temperature regulation and anything sweet can be turned into alcohol. The technology of brewing is not limited to sweet stuff; many breweries in Delhi and Gurgaon make beer from popcorn and so the versatility in beer is increasing.


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