Probiotics in dairy and alternatives adds health halo

Fortifying dairy with probiotic benefits

Fortifying dairy with probiotic benefits whitepaper

The global market for dairy and dairy alternatives is growing, with a 2020 estimated overall market value of USD 585 billion and a predicted CAGR of 2% through 2025.

Though categories with a healthy reputation (like yogurt) have done exceptionally well in this market, consumers’ quest for healthier options in both dairy and dairy alternatives creates more demand for more innovative products with functional ingredients like probiotics.

Although traditionally perceived as healthy, dairy and dairy alternative products with added benefits are seeing market growth as consumers turn to options that support their wellness goals. Overall launches of dairy and alternative dairy products globally with a functional benefit claim have seen a CAGR of 7.2% over the past five years.

Formulating with spore-forming probiotics like GanedenBC30 can provide the probiotic benefits consumers expect in a format that remains stable from manufacturing to consumption.

Download the white paper on ‘Fortifying dairy with probiotic benefits’ to learn more about adding probiotics to enhance the health halo of dairy and alt-dairy product here


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