Trimurti orders Hosokawa Alpine 3-layer blown film line in latest investment phase

Focus on developing sustainable packaging solutions

Samples of packaging solutions developed by Trimurti Group. Photo: Trimurti Group
Samples of packaging solutions developed by Trimurti Group. Photo: Trimurti Group

The Bengaluru-based Trimurti Group has chalked out an extensive expansion plan for its packaging business with several significant investments lined up. The company is adding a new 3-layer blown film extrusion line to its flexible packaging division, a state-of-the-art factory for IML in its injection molding division, and is further strengthening its newly launched paper packaging vertical. The company continues to focus on sustainability concerns with its in-house recycling plant. 

The new 123,000-square foot factory for its in-mold label (IML) division is coming up at Vapi in Gujarat (about three hours from Mumbai), which is expected to be operational by April 2023. This is going to be a state-of-the-art factory with a Clean Room environment.

Ekta M. Chandan, director at Trimurti Group Photo: Trimurti Group
Ekta M. Chandan, director at Trimurti Group Photo: Trimurti Group

“Our flexible packaging unit has five multilayer blown film lines in operation, including a 5-layer high barrier film line. The latest one we ordered is a 3-layer line from Hosokawa Alpine. This new investment should significantly improve the quality and productivity.” says Ekta M. Chandan, director at Trimurti Group. 

The Trimurti Group manufactures flexible films and thin wall containers, including IML and corrugated boxes. It largely caters to fast-moving consumer goods companies and the eCommerce industry. The company adapts both flexo and rotogravure technologies in its printing department. It has three stack flexo presses, two CI flexo presses, and two rotogravure presses at the plant in Bengaluru. 

“Considering the technological advancements in CI flexo presses, and the growing acceptance from brands owners and the higher efficiency of CI flexo technology in terms of ink and solvent usage, we would adapt this technology in the future,” Chandan says.

Aaum Paper Products – the paper packaging division

In addition to its extensive investments on the flexible packaging side, Trimurti has launched a paper packaging division under the brand Aaum Paper Products. Established under the aegis of Chandan herself, this division specializes in the manufacture of paper packaging solutions such as mailers and bags for the fast-moving consumer goods, retail, and eCommerce sectors. 

“The new paper packaging vertical is my personal start-up and has been launched under the brand Aaum Paper Products. The company specializes in customized sustainable paper packaging solutions for the eCommerce, fast-moving consumer goods, and retail sectors. Our next product is going to be paper-based envelopes that would give the cushioning effect of bubble wraps,” Chandan says. 

A balance between plastic and paper packaging

Chandan believes that the way ahead for the packaging industry is to focus on sustainable solutions. To address this, Trimurti has an in-house plastics recycling plant and a global recycled standard certification. It makes compostable films, PE/PE recyclable laminates, and also paper-based packaging.

While there is an ongoing debate in the packaging industry about paper versus plastics, Chandan argues that having the right balance considering each packaging application would be the key. “Plastic is a great material, and some of its barrier properties (as of date) cannot be replaced by any other material, albeit the pollution that it creates cannot be ignored. Hence the key for this industry would be to innovate recyclable solutions, focus on waste collection and recycling,” Chandan says.

“There are applications which paper would replace in the near future, including those that are barrier based, and this would be a great solution since it’s a renewable material that can compost by the curbside. While doing this, the brand owners and we converters must seek FSC-certified papers to ensure we do not run out of trees and oxygen,” she concludes.


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