Rajoo Engineers unveils new 5-layer co-extruded blown film line

Rajoo sells yet another Pentalfoil to Vimalachal Print & Pack in Ahmedabad

The Pentafoil running during the open house. Photo PSA

On 9 September, Rajoo Engineers unveiled its Pentafoil five-layer co-extruded blown film line during an open house. The one-day event, held at Rajoo’s manufacturing unit about 30 minutes from Rajkot city, was attended by more than 150 packaging converters from across the country. 

The Pentafoil can produce up to 700-750 kilograms of film per hour with a maximum film width of 2,500 mm from a 550 mm die. The 5-layer blown film line can run at a maximum line speed of 150 meters per minute. 

“The thought behind developing the Pentalfoil was to cater to customers who want to upgrade their technological capabilities and enhance their output and productivity levels. We have integrated the best components and used our engineering prowess to offer this world-class product. The Pentafoil puts us in the league of the best in the world. This is a huge leap for us,” says Sunil Jain, president of Rajoo Engineers

L to R: Khushboo Doshi, managing director and Sunil Jain, president, Rajoo Engineers. Photo PSA
L to R: Khushboo Doshi, managing director and Sunil Jain, president, Rajoo Engineers. Photo PSA

Jain says that one of the salient features of the machine is the focus on Industry 4.0 connectivity, especially when it comes to the automation system. “The automation system has been supplied by an Italian company and the engineers can support the customers online,” Jain says.

Another standout feature of the machine is the winder, he adds, which nobody in India has manufactured till now. “This is what we call surface, center, and cap winding. All three are available on the single winder. This is a first from an Indian company,” he says. 

Khushboo Doshi, managing director of Rajoo Engineers, says that although the rated output of the Pentafoil is 700-750 kilograms per hour if a thicker gauge film is processed, the output can even go up to 850 kilograms an hour. “During the open house what we produced was a 22-micron film. However, for flexible packaging applications, films from 20 microns to 200 microns are used. We will be able to take this machine to the developed markets as well – given the quality and the technology that it offers,” Doshi asserts. 

Doshi says that one feature of the machine that customers will truly appreciate is its low power consumption. “The per kilogram power consumption is a recurring cost on which customers do not have any control as the power tariff is decided by power companies. The Pentafoil offers one of the lower per kilogram power consumption blown film systems in India and the world.” 

The first customer is Ahmedabad-based Vimalachal Print & Pack 

Harmish Shah of Vimalachal and Pranav Bhalara of Balaji Multiflex. Photo PSA

The Pentafoil blown film line that was demonstrated running live during the open house will be supplied to Ahmedabad-based Vimalachal Print & Pack. “The open house machine will be installed at Vimalachal Print & Pack, one of the most prestigious companies in the industry. Vimalachal caters to many of the top brand owners. The owner of the company is technically savvy and very finicky – to satisfy him and bring a smile to his face was gratifying,” Doshi says. 

Jain says Vimalachal offered great cooperation during the development and execution of the Pentafoil project. The new 5-layer blown film line’s target market is the upper middle segment processors that have high volumes or the smaller processors looking to expand their capacity. “We are also eyeing those processors who use European machines,” Doshi says. 

Testimonial by Pranav Bhalara of Balaji Multiflex

Pranav Bhalara of Rajkot-based convertor Balaji Multiflex (a sister company of Balaji Wafers) was present during the open house and found the Pentafoil an excellent machine. “The machine is not only good looking but offers very high output. I visited the Rajoo factory five days before the open house to have a look at the preparation for the event. I have huge respect for the company and the young management, which is willing to walk the extra mile to offer great products,” Bhalara says. 


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