Universal Oleoresins at Fi Hi India 2021 in Delhi

Squeeze...Drop...Stir! – One drop will do the magic

Universal Oleoresin
Shishir Shah, owner and marketing manager, Universal Oleoresin at Fi Hi India 2021 photo IFB

Universal Oleoresins was founded in 1981 in Kochi which is the commercial center of Kerala and also the hub of India’s spice coast region. This region contains many of the leading manufacturers and exporters of spice oils, oleoresins, natural colors, and spice extracts. Universal Oleoresins has established itself as a globally recognized exporter of spice oils and oleoresins, offering items that are tailored to specific market demands.

Shishir Shah, the owner and marketing director of Universal Oleoresin remarked at the Fi Hi India 2021 exhibition in Pragati Maidan, “The event is more challenging than the previous Fi Hi India expo in 2019. After the pandemic, we were not expecting that a vast crowd would come as visitors. But we are happy to see the visitors coming, see the exhibitors’ displays, and ask queries and solutions. We are glad to answer the questions of visitors.”


Universal Oleoresins
Universal Oleoresins stand at Fi Hi India Expo 2021
Photo IFB

At the event, the company showcased its ‘Spice Drop’ – it’s one drop solution using the extracts of natural spices like black pepper oil, ginger oil that is significant ingredients in the food and beverage, aroma, nutraceutical, and pharmaceutical industries.

“Universal Oleoresing produces natural colors and these colors are obtained by selective extraction from color rich spices, vegetables, and plant parts. Colors range from red, green, to yellow.” Shah explained that curcumin and paprika oleoresins are spice extracts with intense colors obtained from turmeric rhizomes and paprika pods.

Spice Drop – different strokes for different folks

Shah further added, “For essential spice oils, we are using automatic machines to extract natural fragrant essences obtained by the steam distillation of the spices – a process dating back to ancient times. These products are generally for industrial purposes, but we also have an interesting retail product for households, i.e., Spice Drop. The concept can be explained by giving an example. Suppose in a household of four people – they all like their tea with different aromas – one likes ginger and the other likes lemon tea. By using our spice drop, you just squeeze-drop-stir the aroma you prefer and your tea is ready.”

Shah said that the company is looking to expand its prospects on the retail side, “We are focusing more on the Spice Drop retail product by introducing new flavors.”


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