Bonn Group launches tiffin cakes in orange, chocolate variants

Rising demand for comfort food during Covid-19 times

Tiffin cakes
Comfort foods have been winning over the customers for their long shelf life and relatively low cost during uncertain times of COVID-19.

To offer products with better taste and best quality ingredients at an affordable price for a mass segment of the society during the coronavirus pandemic, Ludhiana-based leading FMCG player Bonn Group of Industries added a new range of tiffin cakes in their elaborative cake portfolio. The moist and tender tiffin cakes have three flavors – Orange, Chocolate, and Classic and will be available across the North Indian states of Delhi, UP, Haryana, Punjab, and Himachal Pradesh, said Bonn. The company has 12 manufacturing plants spread all over north India and is fully integrated, having its fleet of more than 500 trucks and an in-house setup for developing for packaging.

In India, the cakes market is fragmented and still growing due to the product variants across packaging formats, flavors, and sizes. The market vendors are developing new products, emphasizing organic and gluten-free variants to increase their market share and gain traction in the global marketplace. According to the survey, during uncertain times of Covid-19, comfort foods have been winning over the customers for their long shelf life and relatively low cost.

Commenting on the new launch, Amrinder Singh, director, Bonn Group of Industries, said, “In line of understanding the needs of the consumer during the pandemic, when the demand of comfort foods like biscuits, breads and cakes has gone up, we have introduced the tiffin cake to meet the growing requirement. Consumers want hygienic and nutritious option for anytime snacking. These cakes are filling and satisfying and are a welcome change from the commonly available cakes in the market.”

“The cakes are unique in its segment not only in shape but also in taste and serving size. The shape of the cake gives it a perfect option for your anytime snacking and that also in an affordable price. Cake is something which is being liked by all the family members irrespective of their age-group. It’s one of the best and easy snacking option with tea and any other hot or cold beverages. This move will facilitate Bonn’s strategic expansion while assuring the brand remains sustainable and catering to people’s need in these changing times.”

The Bonn tiffin cakes are available in 30 grams packs priced at Rs 10. Unlike bread and other bakery products, cakes in India are famous in urban demographics and gaining momentum in a rural setup.


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