Coca Cola Aquarius Glucocharge’s new campaign inspires individuals to share energy

Andhra Pradesh and Orissa first to get a burst of energy this summer

Coca cola

Share Energy’, the new campaign by Coca-Cola India’s enhanced hydration beverage- Aquarius Glucocharge offers a fresh insight into how human beings are gifted with the power to re-energize and support one another. The campaign has been conceptualized by Taproot Dentsu Gurgaon, a Dentsu Aegis Network division, and showcases the spirit of acting as a collective and emerging stronger together.

The campaign has been launched in the heartland of Andhra Pradesh and Orissa and comprises of film, print, and Out of Home (OOH). The light-on-the-pocket pricing of Rs 10 across variants, has made it an affordable enhanced hydration beverage, ideally suited for everyone working hard, outdoors or indoors.

Speaking about the new campaign Anoop Manohar, director- Emerging Categories, Coca-Cola India, said, “Aquarius Glucocharge is an innovative offering from Coca-Cola India, packed with glucose, essential minerals like potassium, sodium and calcium, and fruit juice. Consumers love it for its benefits of ‘Rehydrate, Replenish and Recharge’ at an affordable price. Our aim with this campaign is to help consumers understand the value of collective. In addition, to realize that we are all gifted with the power to re-energize and support one another to emerge as stronger individuals. It is through empathy and kindness and actively supporting each other that we emerge as stronger individuals – together.”

Titus Upputuru, creative head, Taproot Dentsu said, “In an age, where we are constantly occupied with recharging the dying batteries of our phones, this film is a reminder that the battery of our bodies needs recharging too. And it is wonderful that we don’t have to look too far to recharge ourselves – we are all gifted with the power to recharge and reenergize ourselves. Just like Aquarius Glucocharge which gives us instant recharge.”

Anand Murty, strategy head, Taproot Dentsu said, “Rather than fall prey to stereotypical narratives of heroic action, the opportunity for Aquarius came from the consumers themselves – in the way they recognized their role in supporting one another, lending a hand in times of need, boosting one another and making sure no one needed to walk alone. It was this counter-narrative that helped us situate Aquarius as a brand that cares, supports and re-energizes – so we move forward together.”


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