The Baker’s Dozen launches festive ‘#HandmadeArt Collection’

This Diwali to aid the preservation of Patan Patola weaves across India

The Baker's Dozen's limited edition hamper

The Baker’s Dozen (TBD) has launched an all-new festive collection, marrying traditional flavors such as cardamom, rose, lemon, pistachio, and sesame to create a deliciously remarkable, limited edition range of cakes, cookies, bake@home kits, and gift hampers. Priced Rs 170 upwards, these piquant treats are available across all online stores, TBD outlets, and large format retailers.

“This year, amidst all the chaos and worries, The Baker’s Dozen has decided to ‘Gift a Light’ and support the 3rd generation Patan Patola Weavers. This highly esteemed weave is acknowledged by connoisseurs as a traditional and ancient art that needs to be preserved and promoted,” mentions chef-founder Aditi Handa.

“We, at TBD, share their legendary love for connoisseurship. It was only right, then, to dedicate our festive collection to their #HandmadeArt aka the Patan Patola weaves. Along with some amazing new festive flavors and products, we have incorporated the Patola design in our packaging to support the families of these weavers. One can also use the designed side of the limited-edition packaging as a cut-out to create their own bookmark as a reminder keepsake of this signature weave!”

Growing up in Ahmedabad, Handa has seen the same ‘love for craftsmanship’ she shares for her bread and bakes, felt by Patan’s Salvi family, with whom she has collaborated to launch TBD’s special edition, festive ‘#HandmadeArt Collection’ this Diwali to promote the art of Patan Patola weaves across India.

“Patola is truly a weaver’s art form, one that cannot be replicated by any machine,” mentions Saavan Salvi, whose family’s passion for conserving the craft of Patola extends beyond 35 generations. “Just as two handmade sourdoughs cannot look the same, no two handcrafted Patolas can be the same. Each side of the cloth is equally colorful, with every thread painstakingly and individually dyed using a tie-dye approach to make it double ikat. We appreciate this opportunity to promote our art form and hope more people come together to help preserve and enhance its prestige.”

The Baker’s Dozen’s collection includes hampers, bake@home kits, and product options such as — Chocolate Cardomom Cake (Rs 180), Rose Pistachio Cake (Rs 180), Peanut Butter Cookies (Rs 170), Festive Cookie Box (18pcs for Rs 200), TBD Festive Delight (Rs 799), Bake@ Home Hamper for Rs 999.


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