Ishida’s seal tester for snacks, dry products

High-precision seal integrity testing at 150 packs per minute

The TSC-AS’s enhanced design features a new gull wing cover for fast access without interfering with adjacent equipment.

Ishida Europe is introducing a new in-line seal tester for snacks and other dry product packs, offering high-precision seal integrity testing at speeds of up to 150 packs per minute. The company says the new Ishida TSC-AS combines high-accuracy leak detection with gentle bag handling to offer manufacturers excellent quality control to meet the stringent standards of the retail sector.

The seal tester measures the air pressure and fill level of every pack directly from the bagmaker. It can detect apertures as small as 3mm, using inline, non-destructive testing, checking each pack for leaks, incorrect inflation, and double packs. Its small footprint allows quick and simple installation and enables it to fit easily into existing lines.

As part of an integrated Ishida packing line, the TSC-AS can link both upstream and downstream to the Ishida bagmaker and casepacker.  Ishida ITPS 2 software allows full in-line control and access to each machine from one single HMI. Complete line change can be performed from any of the machine HMIs within the same line, enabling a fast and error-free product changeover without the requirement for skilled operators.

The TSC-AS can measure and feed-back air-fill data directly to the Ishida bagmaker, allowing automatic adjustment of the jaws to maintain a constant pack thickness.

The TSC-AS can measure and feedback air-fill data directly to the Ishida bagmaker, allowing automatic adjustment of the jaws to maintain a constant pack thickness. The seal tester can also feed forward air-fill data to the Ishida 700 series case packer. This allows adjustments to be made to prevent the likelihood of packs being misfed and ensure the correct number of bags in each case.

Among several new features, the seal tester’s advanced HMI touch screen has been designed to resemble a smartphone for easy intuitive operation. As well as enabling rapid set-up and changeovers, the screen can also provide a wealth of real-time production data, alerting operators to potential issues so that they can take immediate action, thus minimizing waste and unscheduled downtime.

The TSC-AS’s enhanced design features a new gullwing cover for fast access without interfering with adjacent equipment. An open frame construction, with the removal of any flat surfaces, prevents the product from becoming trapped and allows quick and easy cleaning.

Options include programmed settings of the in-feed belt, which enables it to be automatically adjusted for different pack lengths as part of a product’s pre-set, which greatly speeds up product changeovers. The independently controlled belts also ensure that the packs from the bagmaker are correctly aligned and spaced prior to inspection.

Conditioning brushes can be specified to gently agitate and smooth out the product inside the bag before inspection, to ensure correct thickness measurements.

With the TSC-AS, there is no need to compromise between throughput, pack quality and thorough pack inspection,” said Jim McGregor, Applications engineer at Ishida Europe. Our new seal tester combines high accuracy leak detection with gentle handling to deliver effective quality control and minimize the risk of product recalls.”

Ishida is a world leader in the design, manufacture and installation of complete weighing, packing and inspection solutions for the food industry, helping manufacturers increase automation, reduce cost and downtime, increase operational efficiencies and maximize profits. 


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