Kaapi Solutions associates with the Coffee Board, UCAI & SCAI

Sponsors National Barista Championship 2022

Kaapi Solutions
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Kaapi Solutions, spearheaded by the former NBC winner and jury member, Vikram Khurana, has announced its platinum sponsorship for the National Barista Championship 2022. The event is organized annually by the Coffee Board of India in association with the Specialty Coffee Association India (SCAI) and the United Coffee Association of India (UCAI) to honor the best baristas within the country. Renowned as a coffee fanatic’s paradise, the competition will take place in Bangalore and see India’s most beloved baristas competing for the title of the best Barista of 2022. 

Considered to be one of the most paramount members of the coffee fraternity in India, Vikram Khurana was the first and only Indian to receive a silver medal in the famed World Barista Championship 2002. Since then, Khurana has gained recognition to be a coffee extraordinaire and has immensely contributed to the growth of specialty coffee in India. In his 21 years of extensive learning experience, Khurana has consulted several Indian and international brands in coffee that have successfully launched. Currently serving as the chief executive officer at his company – Kaapi Solutions, Khurana is also the president of the United Coffee Association of India. Having won the global rendition of NBC, Khurana has had a long-standing association with the decade-old championship. He has been an esteemed jury member at the championship for over 10 years.

Commenting on this association, Vikram Khurana, founder and chief executive officer  of Kaapi Solutions, added, “Coffee is a language itself. We at Kaapi Solutions are so excited to give voice to this language at the latest National Barista Championship 2022. It will be exhilarating to see the best of the best unite to celebrate our common love for the beverage. We are also thankful to the Coffee Board of India and the Specialty Coffee Association of India for organizing an event that honors and celebrates the best coffee talent within our country. I wish good luck and success to all the participating candidates. May you brew the perfect blend and awaken the inner maestro with yourself.” 

Celebrating the association with Kaapi Solutions, DM Purnesh, the president of Specialty Coffee Association of India, said, “We have been successfully conducting NBC due to constant support we receive from the Kaapi Solutions team run by Vikram Khurana. They have been providing financial support as well as providing coffee machines and helping in installing and giving technical support for the last many years. We wholeheartedly welcome Kaapi Solutions once again for the 20th edition of the National Barista Championship. We wish all the best for all the participants of NBC 2022”. 

Kaapi Solutions is one of India’s leading suppliers of imported coffee machines. The company has grown to become a market leader within the industry. Beyond having the best network of coffee machines across the globe, Kaapi Solutions is also the exclusive partner for Astoria, a brand for premium coffee machines in India. Tempesta by Storm Barista Attitude, part of Astoria, is also known to sponsor the World Barista Championship between 2022-2025. 

Dedicated to the pure science of making the perfect blend of specialty coffee, these coffee machines have revolutionized the coffee culture in India. The term specialty coffee is used to refer to coffee that is graded 80 points or above on a 100-point scale by a certified coffee taster (SCAA). Specialty coffees are coffees at their peak and are different to other coffee because specialty coffee has been grown at the perfect altitude, at the correct time of the year, in the best soil, and then picked at just the right time. All this translates into some of the most exciting and tasty coffee in the world. 

A pioneer in coffee technologies, Kaapi Solutions serves as one of the world’s leading suppliers of imported coffee machines. The firm recognizes and effectively bridges the gap between efficient and aesthetic coffee equipment within India and enhances the skills needed to relish an authentic cup of coffee. 

Their services go beyond supplying the finest coffee machines across the globe. Apart from this, they also provide state-of-the-art espresso equipment and conduct award-winning barista training. 

Kaapi Solutions has a 360-degree approach to consultation, service, training and education. They believe in providing comprehensive assistance to help one’s business thrive.


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