Kanchan Metals launches snack food processing machines

Modern manufacturing machines for aloo bhujia, soya sticks, Navratna mix, cheese ball

Kanchan Metals
Automatic bhujia, sev production machine is a fully automatic line for producing ethnic Indian wet dough-based snacks from 500Kg/hr onwards. Photo - Kanchan Metals

Greater Noida based Kanchan Metals, food processing machines manufacturer, has recently launched various snack machines to provide global technology with local support. They have launched automatic bhujia, sev production line, automatic moong dal processing line, mixture line, extruded snack frying line, sabudana frying line, corn cooking and steeping line, bucket elevator system, and many more.

According to Kanchan, the automatic bhujia, sev production machine is a fully automatic line for producing ethnic Indian wet dough-based snacks from 500Kg/hr onwards, whereas the automatic moong dal processing line would take 500kg/hr onwards up to 3000kg/hr. The mixture line machine, a fully automatic line for weighing and blending traditional Indian snack mixtures, can take 500kg/hr onwards.

Raghav Gupta, director, Kanchan Metals, said, “We are delighted to continue developing equipment that can help automate ethnic products for India which is the world’s sixth-largest food industry. With our consistent efforts and support from our Global OEMs we aim to interface the most advanced technology for food production with locally manufactured auxiliary equipment to help bring down the cost of the machinery and widen its reach to the Indian food producers. Kanchan Metals is known for its reliability and strong after sale service and hope to strengthen this image with these machines as well.”

Machines for continuous production runs

Kanchan said that owing to a strong R & D team and close connection with leading snack producers in India, it has developed these machines with real-time end-user feedback, which was crucial in design and execution. Spurred by the Government’s initiative to make in India, they are continually innovating and developing new machines such as the weight controlled seasoning system to ensure accurate coverage on snacks and improved efficiency in controlling seasoning losses. The automatic random extruded snack lines, which are built as an interface with extruders from American Extrusion International USA, deliver consistent results for the production of random fried extruded snacks unmatched in texture. These lines are designed for continuous production runs.


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