Parle-G records surge in sales during Covid-19 lockdown

Gain in market share by 5%

Photo - Parle G

Parle Products, one of India’s leading food company, has recorded a surge in sales of its Parle-G biscuits in April and May during the Covid-19 lockdown, according to Mayank Shah, senior category head of Parle Products.

The company has gained a market share of around 5% in the competitive biscuit segment due to the increased consumption of Parle-G biscuits. During the lockdown, people preferred to add Parle-G while stocking the pantry. “That is the kind of trust, which the people have in the brand,” he said, Parle-G’s long shelf life makes it a good preference.

Parle-G biscuits also gained traction as it was preferred by government agencies and NGOs working to distribute food relief packages to the people during the pandemic due to its economic proposition with a value package of Rs 2 besides being considered as a good source of glucose, Shah told Press Trust of India (PTI).

“The growth was phenomenal, and as a result, Parle was able to increase its market share by 4.5 to 5% during the lockdown,” he added.

According to Shah, growth is one of the highest in recent times. He further adds that he hasn’t witnessed performance like this in the past 20 years of working with Parle. “At least in the last 30 to 40 years, we have not seen this kind of growth.”

Shah calls Parle-G as comfort food for most Indians and says, “During the time of uncertainty, it has been consumed a lot. Even during the earlier crisis like tsunami and earthquakes, sales of Parle-G biscuits had gone up.”

In March, the company announced the donation of three crore packs of Parle-G biscuits to the needy people through government agencies when the coronavirus pandemic intensified in India. “We also saw many other people doing that. There were many other organizations, which were also helping the people by distributing Parle-G biscuits,” he added.

Founded in 1929, Parle Products employs about 1,00,000 people, including direct and contract workers across ten company-owned facilities and 125 contract manufacturing plants.


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