ASPA and Messe Frankfurt organize a virtual webinar on counterfeiting

The panel discussion focuses on best practices in brand protection and IP enforcement

ASPA and Messe Frankfurt is hosting a virtual webinar on counterfeiting
ASPA and Messe Frankfurt is hosting a virtual webinar on counterfeiting

Today, ASPA and Messe Frankfurt together are going to host a virtual webinar on the topic ‘Best practices in brand protection and IP enforcement: A cross-industry perspective.’ The webinar will feature a panel discussion in which experts will be sharing their ideas and experiences in brand protection best practices applicable across industries and product groups.

A brief idea about the ASPA and Messe Frankfurt webinar

The panelists will discuss a multi-pronged corporate brand protection strategy and robust IP enforcement, which are key to preventing the menace of counterfeiting. Online brand enforcement becomes an additional responsibility in this age of e-commerce boom to protect trademarks in the ever-expanding electronic environment. 

The way forward is with smart authentication solutions that provide your valuable brand a dual secure shield at the physical/packaging level and a digital level, enabling track-and-trace monitoring capability and ensuring integrity across the entire supply chain. Consumer education, awareness, and engagement programs have an essentially important role to play and are part of any responsible brand’s 360-degree approach towards the security of the brand itself and its all-important customers.

Topics of discussion in today’s webinar

  • Best strategies in counterfeit prevention
  • Global best practices in IPR enforcement
  • Online brand enforcement and counterfeit prevention in the expanding e-commerce / online retail space
  • Role of supply chain integrity in counterfeit prevention
  • Importance of investing optimally in brand protection as a case for business-loss-prevention, rather than look at brand protection/authentication solutions and strategies as a cost center

ASPA and Messe Frankfurt webinar will start at 1500 hrs IST and end at 1630 hrs IST. If you haven’t registered yet for this webinar, click here and get ready to join the discussion. 



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