Baldwin’s Ahlbrandt launches particle-free CleanSpec Corona electrode

Designed for printing and manufacturing of food-grade and clean room applications

CleanSpec Corona electrode is tailored for high-quality printing and manufacturing of food-grade and clean room applications

Baldwin Technology’s Ahlbrandt System has announced that its new CleanSpec, particle-free Corona electrode, is ready to be shipped on demand within 24 hours from when an order is placed.

With this, Ahlbrandt claims to set the industry standard for high-efficiency Corona surface treatment systems. The durable, future-proof CleanSpec promises to offer a long service life, increased uptime and an optimal return on investment. According to the press statement, with a unique particle-free design that prevents metal powder contamination from damaged or broken elements, the CleanSpec is ideal for manufacturing processes in cleanroom applications, including high-quality food-grade plastic films and package manufacturing. This electrode can be integrated into new and existing production lines and can be customized on-site to fit any Corona system length. For Ahlbrandt Corona systems, the CleanSpec electrode is integrated into the new Corona Pure, Pure XL, Flex and Slim product lines.

“We design Ahlbrandt’s Corona innovations to maximize process uptime and simplify operations and optimize system delivery and installation,” said Holger Bätz, managing director, Ahlbrandt. “Our ability to ship the CleanSpec Corona electrode within 24 hours is of great value for manufacturers worldwide.”


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