UPM Raflatac launches high performing adhesive for low-temperature food labeling

RP48 acrylic adhesive suitable for labeling food packages stored under -40°C

UPM Raflatac
UPM Raflatac answers the need for a high performing adhesive in low-temperature food labeling in Southeast Asia. Photo - UPM Raflatac

UPM Raflatac has expanded its range of adhesives for low-temperature food labeling (as low as -15°C) with the launch of its RP48 acrylic adhesive for the Southeast Asia market. With good adhesion as well as good clarity and smooth convertibility, RP48 is also an attractive option for labeling food packages stored in cold and frozen conditions (as low as -40°C).

Low-temperature food packaging that will be labeled and stored in frozen or moist conditions, usually at 0°C or colder, often presents challenges for brand owners and packers. Hotmelt adhesives are typically used to label foods stored in these conditions but can suffer from limited clarity and convertibility.

RP48 performs well at low temperature, and excels at frozen conditions, in particular, ensuring labels on food packaging remain firmly in place and retain their shelf appeal. Furthermore, it offers good clarity when used with clear film faces and improves the stability and efficiency of the converting and dispensing processes. RP48 can be paired with UPM Raflatac PP Matt White TC 80 or UPM Raflatac PP Clear TC 50 film face materials.

Selecting the right adhesive for the label is an essential step towards its success. Whether the label needs to stick permanently, wash-off or peel-and-reseal, UPM Raflatac has a pressure-sensitive adhesive that will meet the needs.


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