Ahmedabad delicacies now available at your doorstep

Traditional dishes from Ahmedabad available across Gujarat through JustMyRoots.com


Ahmedabad, a vibrant hub of Gujarat known for its warm hospitality and friendly people, is also famous for its heritage eateries and their mouthwatering dishes ranging from Dhoklas to Thalis and much more. This is not only an attraction for tourists but people from all over Gujarat as well. JustMyRoots.com delivers these delicacies locally in Ahmedabad, and to Gandhinagar as well.

JustMyRoots has partnered with eateries, namely Chandra Vilas, Iscon Thal, Kandoi, and Parosa. Ranging from Pasta’s to wood-fired Pizzas, Mediterranean dishes, Thalis, sweetmeat prepared from pure desi ghee, fresh fruits, nuts, and raisins, are now available through JustMyRoots.

JustMyRoots claims to have specialized packaging and state of the art cold chain logistics, which keeps food between 5 to 8-degree Centigrade. They cater to many communities through their themed food festivals and add charm to their meals with Gur. To place an order, you can download the app ‘Justmyroots’ from playstore or appstore.


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