Adani Wilmar launches Fortune Pehli Dhaar pressed mustard oil

Available in 1L PET bottles and pouches

1L PET bottles and pouches will be available across various sales channels

Leading edible oil player and food and FMCG major Adani Wilmar has launched a new mustard oil brand, the Fortune Pehli Dhaar First-Pressed Mustard Oil. The premium product will be made available in 1L PET bottles and pouches across various sales channels such as general trade, modern format stores, and eCommerce across Delhi-NCR, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai, and Bengaluru.

According to the company, the brand’s first-pressed mustard oil takes consumers back to the original essence of the product, which has been extracted from the finest mustard seeds sourced from Rajasthan, using the traditional wooden Kolhu technique. The gentle pressing process retains and preserves the oil’s natural essentials, resulting in an unparalleled richness in every single drop and consumers can experience an explosion of mustard aroma, a deep, natural color, and a taste that elevates the cooking to new heights, it said in a release.

Through this product, which is made using the age-old process, the company also wants to emphasize the significance of purity and authenticity, thereby enhancing the culinary experience of its consumers.

Vineeth Viswambharan, associate vice president, marketing & sales, Adani Wilmar, said, “Fortune Pehli Dhaar First-Pressed Mustard Oil is a product that redefines the mustard oil experience for Indian consumers. In today’s era of high-speed mass manufacturing, our product stands in complete contrast, offering a cooking oil made using a slow and traditional process that preserves its great taste, rich aroma.”


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