Aquaconnect bets on WhatsApp to reach out to farmers

The microsite aims to ease the purchase process for farmers

Aquaconnect launches interactive Super Store on WatsApp- Photo - Theme Inn on Unsplash

Chennai-based aquaculture start-up Aquaconnect has launched an interactive microsite – Aquaconnect Superstore on WhatsApp for fish and shrimp farmers. From this ‘Super Store’, farmers can now buy fish and shrimp feed, healthcare products, and farm equipment. The company is currently operating in the 17-billion-dollar Indian aquaculture sector.

The products are organized categorically on the WhatsApp microsite, making the purchase process simpler and eliminating the need for a cart or any other information taken during the checkout process. In addition to this, farmers will also get dosage and usage advisories from Aquaconnect, to further help them adopt better farming methods. As WhatsApp is the base platform, customer support is just a text away.

“Because of COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, there has been a significant reduction in in-store shopping, and everything is moving online. Aquaconnect WhatsApp microsite is set to enhance further the digital buying experience of farm inputs with a single message on their WhatsApp.

“We believe this is a pioneer conversational eCommerce experiment in the Indian aquaculture sector. Since WhatsApp is a ubiquitous messaging platform among farmers, we have introduced this service to make their lives easier” – Rajamanohar, chief executive officer, Aquaconnect. The company was recently recognized as the World-Changing Idea 2020 by Fast Company.

Customers can visit the link to purchase the product. They can then choose the product from the given catalog in WhatsApp and place an order through chat. They can get answers to their queries. In addition, the experts help the farmer to choose the right product based on their concerns. Aquaconnect has a team of Aquaculture Experts to support and guide the farmer to place an order through their Super Store.


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