Atlas Copco’s dry, energy-saving scroll vacuum pump

TÜV Rheinland certifies the vacuum pump is completely free of oil

Energy-saving Scroll vacuum pump for food, pharmaceutical and laboratory applications.

With the new oil-free DSS scroll vacuum pump, Atlas Copco expands its range of dry industrial pumps. The robust, low-wear pump is particularly suitable for vacuum generation in the rough vacuum range. A vital feature of the innovation is its simple and effective operating principle for gas handling. Inside the pump, there are two intermeshing, spiral-shaped screws made of aluminum. One spiral screw is fixed, while the second one rotates to compress the gas inclusions.

Lower life cycle costs

The company said that the ergonomic vacuum pump is also characterized by low energy consumption, lower life cycle costs, and user-friendly operation. Due to the pump’s dry running, no oil changes are necessary; there is also no need to replace the exhaust filters. Therefore, the overall maintenance requirements are relatively low. The reduced service and maintenance costs can also be attributed to the fact that the removable front cover simplifies access to the DSS scroll vacuum pump’s pump interior.

With the new oil-free DSS scroll vacuum pump, Atlas Copco is expanding its range of dry industrial pumps.

Predestined for pharmaceutical and food applications

Equipped with these properties and high-quality materials, the new development is said to be particularly suitable for applications in the pharmaceutical industry as well as in food packaging and processing. In these and other industries, the pump will provide a stable vacuum at atmospheric pressure of up to 1 mbar and maximum productivity at low to medium flow rates.

Completely oil-free

“Another important feature of the DSS scroll vacuum pump is its complete freedom from oil. It does not use any oil for sealing or cooling, so there is no risk of oil contamination,” explains Alexander Frerichs, the responsible Atlas Copco product manager. To verify and prove this, TÜV Rheinland has carried out extensive measurements of the aerosol oil content in 2019. “No traces of oil whatsoever could be detected in the exhaust air stream, which is a maximum of cleanliness and safety for the production environment and people,” emphasizes Frerichs. Based on the TÜV results, Atlas Copco’s new DSS scroll vacuum pump has been classified and certified in the top “Class 0”.

According to the company, the exemplary applications include – processing, packaging, drying of food; thermoforming; medical systems; vacuum impregnation; central house vacuum; pick and place; laboratory vacuum.

Atlas Copco Vacuum Technique collaborates with its customers to turn industrial ideas into leading-edge technology in vacuum and abatement solutions. Atlas Copco is based in Stockholm, Sweden, with customers in more than 180 countries and about 37 000 employees. Its state-of-the-art vacuum pumps and systems exemplify today’s connected and digitalized industry.


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