Avomix’s guacamole gets freshness throughout shelf life

The high-pressure processing technology is used for guacamole’s shelf life

Avomix guacamole product with IML label
Avomix guacamole product with IML label

Avomix is a Spanish company specialized in fruit and vegetable-based juices and sauces. For its fresh mix product range, and specifically for its guacamole, Avomix uses the high-pressure processing (HPP) technology that extends shelf life. Needing packaging and labels that withstand this HPP technique, they teamed up with Berry Superfos Pamplona and MCC Verstraete. The first delivered the ideal packaging, and the latter provided high-quality, fully recyclable labeling with inks and lacquers suitable for high-pressure processes. 

What is high-pressure pasteurization? 

The high-pressure pasteurization technique subjects food packed in airtight and water-resistant containers to a high level of hydrostatic pressure. This increases the product’s shelf life and improves the sanitary quality because microbial flora and destroying pathogens such as salmonella are drastically reduced. Another important feature is that the HPP technique makes it possible to preserve the food’s flavor, color, and nutrients without adding preservatives.

“The high-pressure pasteurization technique is a relatively modern technique with a lot of potential because it allows us to step away from many of the preservatives used in the past,” explains Daniel Barrero, Berry Superfos Pamplona’s sales representative in southern Spain. This emerging technology has experienced great growth in recent years within the food sector. It is now widely recognized globally, being incredibly convenient for companies that export packaged products. 

Natural product and sustainable packaging: The ideal combination from Avomix 

“At Avomix, we want our products to be as natural as possible. Therefore, we focus on eliminating chemicals, additives, and preservatives,” says Juan Antonio Reyes, CEO of Avomix. Pressurization inactivates vegetative microorganisms – such as bacteria, yeasts, or fungi – found in food products. At the same time, it respects the organoleptic properties and preserves the final product’s original freshness throughout its shelf life. In short, HPP makes the Avomix products stand out from their competitors in terms of freshness, taste, and look!

It goes without saying, a natural product of this kind can only be combined with sustainable packaging that is compatible with this high-pressure pasteurization technique.

“To maintain a natural product full of flavor, it is important that the packaging is of high quality. This is where Superfos comes in”, says Juan Antonio Reyes. “In addition, Superfos’ SuperLock packaging allows the product to be closed once it has been opened. We liked the design of the easy-open, airtight lid.”

A label capable of adapting to high-pressure

“Before switching to MCC Verstraete’s labels, we applied normal self-adhesive labeling, which was much more complicated and less productive. Once print runs started to increase, we needed packaging to automate the process and get more out of the production cost. Of course, the European regulations are very strict and all inks used, whether or not they come into contact with food condiments, must meet certain requirements “, explains Juan Antonio Reyes.

MCC Verstraete perfectly contributes to the product’s finish and its packaging, as its special dyes and lacquers can withstand high-pressure technology. In addition, it should be noted that mold labeling allows for sustainable and fully recyclable packaging, as it forms mono-material packaging.

Benedict Adins, Regional Sales Manager Europe, comments: “Avomix was looking for the best label solution, which is exactly what we could offer: the print quality of the IML labels is excellent, and we can cover the entire packaging with a single label. In addition, the labels are strong, hygienic, and resistant to moisture and extreme temperature fluctuations. All this makes IML the ideal solution for a product like this guacamole, for which this high-pressure pasteurization technique helps to increase its shelf life, guarantees food safety, and preserves all its flavor and freshness.”

“This alliance between Berry Superfos Pamplona, Avomix, and MCC Verstraete, has allowed us to achieve a product of the highest level,” concludes Juan Antonio Reyes. “Not only is the final presentation impeccable and the image attractive, but it also has a series of advantages that differentiate us from competitors.”

Transparent packaging to attract the conscious and responsible consumer

All this dedication to creating a natural product that is respectful of the environment and sustainable deserves to reach the end consumer. “We want final customers to know what product they are buying. The consumer doesn’t look at the small print on a label. Instead, we put our efforts on showing that he’s enjoying a natural product without preservatives or chemical additives”, concludes Juan Antonio Reyes.




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